12 Best Advice to Prepare When a New Owner Decide to Pet a Siberian Husky

Siberian husky have unique traits and characteristics that make them different from other breeds. Siberian husky are one of the most popular dog to pet, people just fall in love with their thick fur, gorgeous figures, beautiful eyes and their friendly and loyal personality. Many new owners want to adopt a Siberian husky as their first pet, and there are many thins that you should prepare upon the arrival of your new husky. If you plan to own a Siberian husky, here are the best advice to prepare when a new owner decide to pet a Siberian husky.

1. Spare a time to exercise.

Siberian husky are known as working dog, they are very active, athletic and have plenty energy. The more they move, the more happy they are resulting much more healthier husky. When you new owner decide to pet a Siberian husky, you should at least spare some time to take them walk and do some physical exercise for about 30 minutes a day. If they bored and did not have the change to burn their energy up, they will be unhappy and soon their body will be unwell.

2. Expect some shedding.

Having husky’s hair shed around your place is something you should expect when you decide owning a Siberian husky. Just by looking at Siberian husky alone you already know that they have a lot of hair with a few layer as their coat, especially if you live in a cold temperature area. Their thick hair are meant to protect them from the cold or any other extreme weather. The best way to take care their thick hair and control the shedding is to regularly groom them. Brushing their hair on daily basis also help them remove the loose hair before it fails everywhere around the house.

3. Siberian husky are awful guards dog.

Siberian husky’s appearance alone makes them look like one wild and scary dog, but in reality they are super friendly and more likely to lick someone before they ever bite them. Siberian husky could make a fuss when some they see strangers, but its more from the excitement than a warming cry. They could easily follow anyone who give them a treats or other yummy food.

4. Food rewarding are the most effective methods.

It’s already a public knowledge that Siberian husky are hard to train, it will some period of time, patience and consistency in order to successfully train your husky. But naturally, husky are very independent and clever dog, they are smart and can quickly learn new commands especially if there will be some yummy treats as a rewards, that is the most effective methods So if you are new owner of Siberian husky you could use some food in line to train them.

5. Husky likes to escape.

You might want to prepare some solid and high fences around your house, because Siberian husky likes to escape whenever they can. Siberian husky could jump over fences, broke some chains, even dig under the gate to free themselves and wandering away. They’re naturally good escape artists, and wouldn’t hesitate to wander off on their own if they have the chance.

6. Better give your cat away

Siberian husky might be a friendly dogs, but they have these hobby of chasing smaller animals especially cats, even if you train them since puppy and raise them along  the cat. They have the strong predatory and chasing instincts and chase something that smaller than them, so having cat at your home when you plan to own a husky is not a very good idea.

7. Regular check-up are need

Although Siberian husky are a healthy breed with average of life span between 12 to 15 years, there are a few genetic health issues that should be watch over. The most common health issues are juvenile cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, corneal dystrophy, canine glaucoma and development of seizures. It’s better if you do  a regular check-ups with your vet to help identify and prevent these health issues.

8. Siberian husky loves to cuddle

Siberian husky are pack animals and they have strong sense of protecting and loving their pack. If you own Siberian husky, they will treat you and other people at your home as their pack. Mean that they love to get and have attention from you and your family. One way to steal your attention is to follow you around as much as possible and a great abundance of cuddles and lick.

9. Siberian husky are very impatient dogs

If you take your Siberian husky to walk and you stay at one place for about 5 minutes, they are going to start getting panicky. In order to overcome with this, you need to keep your dog entertained, either you could move location or try to give them some distraction. Because husky tend to have a very short attention span. They also like if you talk to them and give them some command, they will be bored easily if you did not do anything with them.

10. Siberian husky can be load

It doesn’t mean that your husky like to bark, sometimes a husky’s howl can actually be heard 10 miles a way. A lot husky’s owner said that husky loves to sing, they also loves to talk, the ‘dog’ talk. If you leave somewhere with a paper thin walls, or really close with the neighbours, it will be not so good idea.  Because they could make a lot of noise, especially if you leave them alone in the house. They don’t usually bark, but most husky owner usually call them ‘husky singing’ because they howl big time.

11. Prepare a strong leash

Many of you know that Siberian husky are born to run, they are runners, running is what they live for. Since they are runners, they will find way to run whenever they can. If they run away from you, don’t chase them. You could sit away and call them, or even blow your special whistle for them. It necessary to have special whistle to call them. You can also run opposite direction from your husky, and they follow you. The reason that you need a strong leash us to prevent your husky to escape and run away.

         12. Husky favourite toys are chew toys

Most breed loves to have toys to play with and keep them entertained. Dog toys could be something as simple as a ball, or a plushie or something squishy. Since husky have strong predatory instinct, they tend to chew a lot of things like shoes, sock or even pillow. It will be great if you prepare some chew toys for them, because it’s husky favourite type of toys. Be careful of hard toys like a tennis ball, it could cause tooth breakage for you husky.

Adopting a dog is a blessing for everyone but it comes with several responsibilities as a dog owners. To avoid any problems or hassles, new owner should knows what to prepare about Siberian husky as a good start for your long time husky’s owner. You can also visit Tips to Exercising your Siberian Husky During Summer and How to Take Care of Siberian Husky in Such a Hot Weather