Which One Is Better, Giving Hay Or Grass For Rabbit?

Do you own a rabbit? If yes, it is part of your responsibility as the owner to make sure that your rabbit is taken care in the best and proper way you could provide. Therefor, fulfill all of their need – food, water, all the first aid medicine (for the urgent time – even though i hope it’s not going to happen), and of course – the proper and comfortable cage to sleep.

Also, giving them all the attention and love to make them know and understand that they are loved, it has to be the part of your life as their owner. Your rabbit need to know that we would be their provider for all their necessity – so we could own their trust and build  a bridge for the relationship between you and your beloved rabbit. It’s important – this part of the way to stabilized their emotion and mental health state.

And the most important thing – you should give all of your rabbits (if you have more than one) the best meal you can get. I know sometime you will consider the cost of it – doesn’t mean you could give them anything! Obviously, not every food they could eat is good for them. Being conscientious is important material of choosing the right and the best food for your rabbit. One thing you should remember – cheaper doesn’t mean it’s unqualified.

A good food will lead your rabbit to the better health state. It’s known that rabbit is herbivore animal – they usual meal is grass, hay, and some vegetables. Even though they eat all of these foods there’s still some foods that could harm some particular rabbit’s breed –  also some types of food rabbits couldn’t eat, example; there are some dangers of giving corn to your rabbit.

Just information, there’s a lot of benefit of cucumbers for the rabbit – you could safe it in your list to make it as another variant meal to feed your rabbit. Plus, you could give them natural vitamins to fill the deficiency of another substance of their body. Okay, we’re already talk about the vegetable, but what about grass and hay? That’s the rabbit’s main menu, right?

Yes, you right. Hays and grasses are the rabbit’s daily routine menu that must be fulfill every day. You have to note this, that the natural diet component menu for every single day must meet the standards: 85% grass or hay (long fibre), 10% variety of leafy green, vegetable, and another herb, and the last is 5% of approx (one egg-cup twice a day of pelleted feed). These are their daily component nutrition on a day every rabbits need.

Like you’ll see, 85% of their component meal is grass or hay. But, a lot of you must be confused which one is better, giving hay or grass for rabbit? Most people would feed their rabbit with hay – because a lot of concern that grass in to dangerous for rabbit. Grass (fresh grass) on the ground, feared could trigger the upset of gut and create some disturbance on rabbit’s digestion. So, most rabbit’s owner prefer to give hay as replacement for grass that known as a safest food for rabbit.

It could be true on some ways, but you must understand there’s a lot of benefit that you could find on the grasses – that must be consideration for you to feed in to your rabbit – of course, still with the safest way. In this article: which one is better, giving hay or grass for rabbit? – would try to give you some points of consideration to choose the best food for your rabbit.


What is hay? Hay is a fibrous plant material that’s been dried and preserved. Within the dried process – the plant will stimulate the good bacterial to growth which is made a hay become a comfortable food for animal’s digestion. So, basically, hay is a dried grasses that stored for your pet (cattle, goat, horse, rabbit, sheep, and sometime pig).

  • What’s The Good Things about Hay?

Hay contaminant with a lot of good component for a healthy diet menu for rabbit. Hay contaminant with – at least 20% of fibre, 12 to 15% of protein, hay also known as a low fat, starch, and sugar, also it traces minerals.

Hay also very good for rabbit’s teeth. Unlike human, rabbit’s teeth is grown for the rest of their life – and hay believed could prevent overgrowth the teeth. Also, a rabbit with lack consumed of hay will suffer pain ‘spurs’ on their teeth – it could rigger some loss appetite to rabbit. Many cases of rabbit starved themselves because of the pain they suffer, and a lot of it end up in death.

  • How to Choose a Good Quality Hay?

Generally a good hay has characteristic such sweet smelling, and of course dry, and free from grit, mould, and dust. Here’s some variety of hay that you can get on stores: alfalfa, oat hay, grass hays, legume hays, herbal hays.


Grass is the most natural and fresh meal for rabbit to eat. So, why not just let your rabbit eat it? A lot of things could be reasons; the fresh grass is not always cleans – there’s a high possibility it has contaminant with a lot of dangerous substance such pesticide, feces, and another unknown particles.

So, if you one of the owner who would let your rabbit eat the grass, you should keep an eye and don’t ever let them grazing on their own. It could be better idea if you cut the grasses for them. And if you still worried about the safety of the grass, you could plant it inside your house – consider that grass is really easily grow.

And yes, grass is more nutritious than hay, but you need to know that rabbit eat a large amount of grass! To provide the fresh grass to meet all of their need would be difficult. That’s why a lot of people choose to fed their rabbits with hay than grass. But, if you already solves this problem, than it’s all yours.

These are some types of grass that you could plant or buy for your lovely rabbits: timothy grass, wheat grass, orchard grass, bermuda grass, and brome grass.

And if you still confused which one you should choose, a lot of owners decided to mix them both for their rabbits. So, they could get equal amount of grass and hay.