Prepare Foods For Your Sugar Glider: With these 4 DIY Recipes

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As for today, what we are talking about is sugar gliders. Have you heard about sugar gliders? Currently, sugar gliders are becoming quite popular pets for many animal lovers. Sugar gliders or Petaurus Breviceps are marsupial animals native to southern Australia and New Guinea. These marsupial animals are nocturnal and arboreal mammals. Nocturnal is animal that mostly active during night and arboreal mammals are mammals that spend most of their lives atop of tree. Sugar gliders are relatives to possum. Some of you might think that sugar gliders are gliding squirrel, however they are pretty different as they are actually family of possum. Currently, many people loves sugar glider as their pet as it is quite cute and good pet to have. There are many reasons why sugar glider makes good pet.

If you loves to have sugar glider as your pets, then you might need to know about how to feeds your sugar gliders. Sugar gliders just likes it name eat mostly on sugary saps, sweet snacks, and small amount of insects. In the wild, sugar gliders mostly feed on honeydew, nectar from flowers, manna, saps and small insect. For your information, honeydew is sugary saps secreted by nectar collecting insect, and manna is concentrated saps from trees like acacia and eucalyptus that have high concentration of sugar in its. What you need to know is, that domesticated sugar gliders are bit trickier than in the wild. You can’t get manna or honeydew in the city and therefore you need to have replacement. So, in order to replace sugar gliders natural diet, here are some DIY recipes you can do to make tasty treats for your sugar gliders. Prepare Foods For Your Sugar Glider: With these 4 DIY Recipes easy to do easy to get.

DIY Recipes to make tasty treats for your sugar gliders

Creating tasty treats for your sugar gliders aren’t easy task. You can’t just carelessly and recklessly give your sugar gliders anything you could find. Sugar gliders need balanced diets with high amount of sugar in its diets. However, in modern city, there are many feeds for animals that have too much amount of sugar. If you don’t know how to make tasty treats for your sugar gliders, best to just give it with standardized pellets approved by vets. Well, if you are choosing to have cheaper and easier DIY treats, here are some recipes you could try in your home.

  • Mixed Pellet Treats

Pellet like kibble is one of the most reliable sources of foods for sugar gliders. Pelleted kibble is easy to find, cheap and they are also tasty treats for your sugar gliders. Pelleted kibble is formulated pellet formula that is specially formulated by Association of Sugar Gliders Veterinarian. If you want to make sure your sugar gliders could enjoy tasty treats with formulated nutrients that are safe for them to eat, then pelleted kibble is safe bets. If you are bored of just giving your sugar gliders with formulated kibble, then you can also try to make mixed pellet treats for your sugar gliders.

If you want to try mixed pellet treats for your sugar glider, there are many things you could try. First you could always mixed up your pelleted kibble, or any kinds of pellet for sugar gliders. There are many brands and type of pellets for sugar gliders so try to browse which are the best for you and your sugar gliders. You can also mix it with slices of fresh fruits and veggies which is nice treats for your sugar gliders, Mixed treats like slice of apple, apple sauce, orange and some veggies too.

  • Multi-Vitamins treats

If you want to give your sugar glider the best treats and nutrition you can, then you need to give them some multi-vitamins treats. Sugar gliders aside from sugary diets, they also need multi-vitamins and minerals. Sugar gliders need some high calcium diets in their diets and therefore calcium rich multi-vitamin is always nice idea for your sugar gliders. Small number of insect to give to your sugar gliders can actually help some calorie and calcium intake of your sugar gliders too.

  • Sugary Water

One thing you shouldn’t forget about your sugar glider is that they need lot of sugary diets, and therefore their drinking water sometimes also need some sugar addition. Sugary water can be quite tasty treats for your sugar glider too. It is supplement for your sugar gliders as addition for their daily sugar intake. However, try to don’t give them too much of sugary diets as it can cause some serious threats for sugar gliders like obesity.

  • DIY Fresh and Tasty Gliders Diet

Here is one thing that is very useful and fairly affordable recipes for your sugar glider. This recipe could prove very useful as it is considered to be balanced diets for your sugar gliders and easy to obtain. Now, here is the recipe you could always follow in our DIY fresh and tasty gliders treats. This diet consists of apple sauce, high calcium orange juice, protein source for your gliders like egg or chicken, some fresh veggies and fruits and also yogurt. Mix them up, and serve them for at least one and half tablespoons, give it to your gliders as it lunch in the afternoon.

So, that’s it on how to Prepare Foods For Your Sugar Glider: With these 4 DIY Recipes you could always easy to follow and easy to get. With these tasty treats, your sugar gliders will jump and gliding happily thanks to your tasty treats.