These 4 Snacks For Sugar Gliders, Approved!

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So, as for today’s information we are going to talk about sugar glider. Some of you might already heard about it and already familiar with it. As for people who still don’t know about sugar glider, here is the general information of sugar gliders. The sugar gliders or Petaurus Breviceps are small, omnivore and arboreal animals that are related to possum. Some people might think that sugar glider is just flying squirrel, however they are different from squirrel in anatomical, and family. Sugar glider is nocturnal possum, they are also arboreal which means spend most of their time atop of tree. They are marsupial animals in which they have pouch in their belly where they keep their younglings there until the young grow bigger. This small glider is native to Australia, New Guinea and also certain islands of Indonesia.

Sugar glider is omnivorous animal which means they could eat anything from meat and plants. However, sugar gliders have special diets that are pretty different from other mammals. In wild, sugar glider mostly will eat sugar rich diets by natural source like honeydew, manna, sap from eucalyptus and acacia and also small number of insect in the wild. Honeydew is sugar rich sap secreted by certain insect, while manna is sugary saps that concentrate from certain trees. Sugar glider got its name “sugar” from their diets in which they eat mostly on sugary diets. However, it could be tricky for domesticated sugar gliders. There aren’t many honeydew or manna you could get and their replacement are quite tricky. You can’t try to feed your sugar glider recklessly as it could cause many problems for your sugar gliders like obesity and malnutrition. If you are confused on how you should give to your sugar gliders, try on These 4 Snacks For Sugar Gliders, Approved!

Approved Tasty Sugar Glider Snacks for Your Gliders

Sugar gliders are omnivorous mammals, so you can feed them with feeds from plants and animals. However, you still need to be careful as sugar gliders couldn’t eat anything you could give. One thing you should know is that sugar gliders need lot of sugary intake but don’t give them too much sugar or it will lead to obesity. Sugary foods are must in their diets, with small amount of insects too. If you are confused on how you should treat your sugar gliders, here are some snacks you could try to give it to your sugar gliders.

  • Pelleted Kibble

Pelleted kibble are regulated, formulated and standard snacks for sugar glider diets that have been standardized and approved by Association of Sugar Gliders Veterinarian. Pelleted kibble contains high amount of sugary calorie, bit of calcium, fats and vitamins. Pelleted kibble is actually one snack you could give to your sugar gliders since it contains all of sugar gliders need and therefore you don’t need to worry about its nutrition. Pelleted kibble is of course pretty good snacks to give for your sugar gliders. However, since it contains lot of nutrition, you will need to be careful not to give your sugar gliders too much of it. If you give too much kibble, it can lead to obesity in sugar gliders, one of the things that many domesticated sugar gliders suffer.

  • Slice of fruits and veggies

Sugar gliders could also enjoy tasty slice of fruits and veggies once in a while. Sugar gliders are omnivores and therefore they could of course eat fruits and veggies. Sugar gliders could enjoy tasty fruits like slice of apple, grapes and oranges, as for veggies, you could give them some boiled corn and sweet potato too. However, one thing you should consider when giving your sugar gliders with slice of fruits and veggies is that you need to consider the freshness of your produce, and also make sure the fruits and veggies are organics. Make sure to wash the veggies and fruits thoroughly to wash away any pesticide that might harm your sugar gliders.

  • Small amount of insect

In their natural habitat, sugar gliders eat small amount of insect in order to supplement them with nutrition they couldn’t get from sugary saps. Insect like crickets could offer a tasty treats for your sugar gliders as it can give them some protein and calcium. Sugar gliders actually need lot of calcium for their growth and bone and therefore a tasty treat of small insect is pretty nice for them. Make sure to not give them too much though as they won’t enjoy it.

  • Multi-vitamins

When giving your sugar gliders multi-vitamins, you should try to give them calcium rich vitamins. Sugar gliders don’t obtain much calcium from their main diets and therefore multi-vitamins is always helpful especially a calcium rich multi-vitamins.

Well, what do you think of These 4 Snacks For Sugar Gliders, Approved! Article? Along with these tasty snacks for sugar gliders, you could also give your sugar gliders sugary water. Try to give them enough sugary diets for them, as sugar gliders actually need quite a lot, however try to don’t over feed it with sugary diet as it could lead to obesity in sugar gliders. Consult with veterinarians.