Let’s Take an Action to Prevent the Reasons Why Species are Endangered

When an animal is endangered, it means that the species is in danger of extinction throughout all or a significant portion of its range. More and more animal species are on the verge of extinction because of some factors. Sadly, the main factor of endangered species is human. Human encroachment on their habitats is the biggest threat to endangered species.

Being endangered and extinct is different. When a species is extinct, then it is impossible for us to find that creature. It is totally gone. Meanwhile, endangered animal still can be found, though only some. extinct animals in Asia will tell you the animal species which are extinct already. We all need to take action by following these steps we need to do to save animals before they extinct.

There are some reasons why the species are endangered. Check them out let’s make a contribution by preventing those factors to happen.

  • Habitat Destruction

Every living thing needs a place to live, however, a habitat is not an only place to live. Habitat is also a place where animal finds food, raises its young and allows the next generation to take over.

Unfortunately, humans keep destroying animal habitats in many different ways, such as building houses, clearing forest to plant crops and get lumber, an paving over meadows to make streets and parking lots.

Habitat destruction is the top reason for species endangerment. The effect of this factor is gradually decreased by the occurrence of some conservation groups.

They try to reverse the effect of human developments by establishing nature preserves. By establishing nature preserves, animals still can feel the vibe and atmosphere of the natural habitat so they will be more comfortable.

  • Pollution

Besides habitat destruction, human development of animal’s habitat also causes another problem: pollution. Petroleum products, pesticides and other chemicals are the culprits of the pollution which destroy food sources and viable shelters for the creatures in that area.

As a result, some species die right away while others are forced to move into areas where they can’t find any food and shelter. Worse than that, when one population suffers, then it may affect the whole species in the food web. Pollution could happen in water, air and land and all of them are harmful for animals and other living things.

  • Illegal Hunting and Fishing

The population of the animals can be reduced to the point that species become endangered when the hunters keep ignoring the rules about the number of the hunted animals.

Poachers nowadays have found sophisticated techniques for smuggling animals. Baby animals, like bears, leopards and monkeys have been sedated and stuffed into suitcases for transport. Live animals are even sold to people who want exotic pets or medical research subjects.

Worse than that, animal pelts an other body parts are also smuggled secretly across borders and sold through black markets. The buyers of these items are willing to pay high price for illegal animal products.

It is a nature for humans to hunt for animals, however, they need to control the number of the animals they hunt. There should be regulation about this. Besides, avoid poaching or hunting for the animals that are protected.

Their status should be conserved so that they won’t go extinct. If you’re interested with marine animals, then you can read whales around the world.

  • Natural Causes

Beside human, species endangerment and extinction can happen without human interference. It is indeed a natural part of evolution. Fossil records show that before people came along, there are some factors such as overpopulation, competition, sudden climate change, and catastrophic events (volcanic eruptions and earthquakes).

  • Low Birth Rate

Reproduction rate is a natural way of maintaining population equilibrium. Some species do not often reproduce, and they may have few offspring each time they breed.

There are some species that may take a number of years to become mature sexually so that it reduces the opportunity to breed over their lifetime.

  • Disease

Disease is also one of the most common causes some species are endangered. The Ebola virus killed 5,000 critically endangered western gorillas between 2002 and 2003.

A deadly fungus decimated around 30 species of amphibians in Panama in the early 2000s. There are some animal diseases that are dangerous. These animal diseases transmitted to humans.

If you want to know the species of animals that are endangered, you can read endangered animals in China and endangered animals of Southeast Asia. We, humans, need to take action. Those animals aren’t able to solve those problems.

Since we, humans, are the greatest contributors to endangered species of animals, we need to reduce triggering those causes. You can find one of the ways of how to encounter the problems of endangered mammals.