8 Signs of Post-Labor Dog

Dog, you might see them every day around your neighborhood. Yeah, definitely, because a dog is one of the most familiar and easy to find animal. The same thing happens also to a cat, there are also lots of people having an interest in making the dog as their pet. There is also various type of dogs, from regular dog to a popular dog with fluffy hair.

If you are a dog lover, you’ll be familiar with this kind of stuff. Even all dog lovers will do the best for their pets. One of the most awaited things when you are having a dog is when they are going to have babies. Moreover, if you have a popular and expensive type of dog.

Why is promising? Because the puppies will be tagged for a high price if there is anyone who wants to adopt it. Moreover, this animal is very agile and clever enough to be trained. There are also lots of people who make the dog as their best friend or a friend to play within the house that is always ready to help the owner, such as following the owner anywhere, help to bring stuff up. Talking about dog’s characteristics really is interesting. It will be so much interesting after your dog is having a baby, definitely, puppies are adorable. But what are the signs of post-labor dog?

Maybe there are a lot of people who know the signs of a pregnant dog, but maybe not a lot of people understand the condition of a dog after labor. Here is some information to understand what are the signs of a post-labor dog

8 Signs of Post-Labor Dog

  1. Skinny Body
    Skinny doesn’t mean that the owner isn’t having good care of the dog, but you also have to know the cause more detail. Signs of a post-labor dog is having a skinnier body. This condition is normal because most animals and pets will have these signs.
  2. Loose Skin
    Signs that will appear on a post-labor dog is loose skin, a condition where their body isn’t as fit and tight as before pregnancy. The dog will look skinnier and has loose skin, especially on the breasts.
  3. Lack of Excitement
    Compare to an un-pregnant dog, a post-labor dog tend to have a little of energy which means they’ll look weak and not excited. For signs of post-labor dog, they will show a lack of enthusiasm or excitement.
  4. Tired Looking
    Besides a lack of enthusiasm and energy, a post-labor dog will have a different eye-look than normal days. Their eyes tend to look tired and exhausted. But this thing is normal and nothing to worry about.
  5. Bigger Appetite
    Because of spending too much energy on labor, the mother will have a bigger appetite compare to before labor. Especially in drinking, a dog will drink more after labor. So you have to change the water more often to maintain hygiene.
  6. Bigger Breast
    The same thing happens with a cat that will grow their breast after labor, so as dog. Dog’s breasts will appear bigger which means it contains milk. Of course, these things happen because it is going to be useful to breastfeed the puppies, and the breast will shrink after a few months.
  7. Less Agile
    A dog after having labor will show some lack of responsive. That is happening as a sign that your dog is aging and get older making their sense of curious also decreasing and the effect from post-labor making it less responsive

Post-Labor Care

Eight points above are categorized as signs of a post-labor dog. As a master or owner, by seeing this event it is better to keep an eye on your dog’s health and do these steps.

  • Give Vitamin
    Whether pre or post-labor, the dog needs enough nutrition intake. You could give nutrition through food or milk, and don’t forget to add vitamin supply that you can buy at the nearest pet shop with an affordable price
  • Provides cozy bed
    After labor, it is better to give the dog a cozy place to have a rest. By doing this could make your dog feel comfortable and calm in her breastfeeding period. So, the dog will be avoided to stress due to post labor
  • Give milk
    As an addition to boost their nutrition, give the dog milk twice a day.
    That is all 8 signs of a dog after labor, hopefully, you can get to know and understand your dog better