Pros and Cos of Adopting a Shelter Dog


Hello there, fellow dog lovers! How are you and your dog doing? We hope you guys will always be healthy and happy always, every day, and more. Last time we have talking about the why you should adopt a dog from a shelter; however today we would tell you the deep analysis of Pros and Cons of Adopting a Shelter Dog. Yup, for you who want to adopt a shelter dog please continue reading this article as today’s article will give you some new information and would be a good consideration before adopting a shelter dog.

Why We Must Know the Pros and Cons of Adopting a Shelter Dog?

Most of you might wandering why we should know such matter? Well, a wise man said that “knowledge is power.” So, it would be no harm for you to know the pros and cons of adopting a shelter dog as it would help you to prepare what should you do before adopting a dog from a shelter and it would also be a good consideration before adopting a shelter dog.


We have talked about what should we prepare before adopting a dog which are:

  • Preparing a new bed
  • Preparing foods and drinks
  • Telling your other dogs
  • Prepare some leash and toys

This preparation is recommended as there would be some certain pros and cos that would become consideration of this preparation. Without this consideration there would be no way for us to recommend them.

Talking of consideration, we would like to notice you that shelter dog is not all heavenly but sometime could be hellish, however that depends on your luck and your intuition on adopting a shelter dog. Also, we want to warned you if you have zero time to train your dog to be better and well trained, we don’t recommend you to experiment on saving a street dog or adopting a shelter dog; having these dogs would require great deals of time and effort which we mean really, really a long time and effort to take.

What are the Pros?

There are few pros of adopting a shelter dog which could be a good consideration if you want to adopt a dog from a shelter which are:

1. Would cost less than buying one

  • If you are planning to adopt a dog from a shelter, then you would have a fortune to be saved as shelter dog would not require so much fee for you to adopt her than buying one on nearby pet store.
  • Not only that, there would be no excessive expenses on taking care of her, as you know a shelter dog mostly would not requires any special treatment; just the regular treatment. So, you don’t need to buy any fancy shampoo every month and spend 150 dollars a month for your dog.
  • The adoption fee would be indeed cheaper compared to buying one on the nearby store. You just need to fill out some forms then pay the fee thus you are good to go to bring your new adopted dog to your home.

2. A loyal companion

  • It is indeed a shelter dog would be a loyal companion for you exactly like a tamed street dog. It would be like you are their new hero; you are the one who give her a second chance to live in a comfortable house and play with you her new saviour.
  • If you treated her properly, she would indeed become so grateful that you are the one who adopted her. This would later effect dog’s loyalty thus she will pledge your loyalty only to you.

3. Has a strong emotion

  • Most people prefer dog because they could be a great mental support especially a shelter dog who have many different backgrounds. These backgrounds if you are lucky could be the great mental support for you as your dog might understand your pain and you know, eventually she will try to tell you that it is ‘okay I know the feeling.”

The Cons

Of course, as goodness exist so does evil, black and white, yin and yang, pros and cons. There would be a cos of having a shelter dog as a pet; nothing’s perfect which are:

1. Unclear Background

  • Yup, you will never know what exactly her background was. It could be bloody, it could be sad, it could be a joy who’s gone in a flash; we will never know.
  • This situation of course will create some uncertain problem in the future such as trauma which will lead to behavioural issues such as anger, biting, whimpering, refusing to eat, refusing to play, and many more.
  • So, if such things occurred, don’t forget to read our article about traumatized dog.

2. Unclear Breed

  • Well, we will never know what exactly her breed was. As she just simply a street dog who was contained for adoption in some shelter or animal control HQ. We could only guess but we will never know what breed she is.
  • This would indeed affect your situation in the future as every dog breed needs its special treatment. Yup, every dog breed has their own unique way to be taken care of. If you fail to identify her; it might attract a problem later.
  • If you want to know exactly what her breed is, you could simply bring your dog to a vet and let the vet put some DNA test on her. The DNA test might cost a fortune but it will indeed answer what kind of dog breed she is thus you could provide the proper treatment for her.

That are all fellow dog lovers! Well shelter dog is not so bad at all huh? In truth, they offer more pros than cos, which we can conclude that having a shelter dog is indeed a great recommendation which will cost less but still offer some great animal companion. Good luck!

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