5 Strange Habits of Pregnant Hamster That Should Be Familiar For

You might notice that your hamster is acting a bit strange, not like usual. If you leave an adult female hamster with her couple hamster, no wonder that after a few weeks your hamster might get pregnant. It is very common for a hamster to act quite differently when they are pregnant. What are the strange habits of pregnant hamster we should know about? And how we should do to help our hamster?

First of all, you need to know about strange habits that your hamster might act when they are pregnant. Here is a guide on what should you do if your hamster is pregnant, and list on 5 Strange Habits of Pregnant Hamster That Should Be Familiar For, a trivial guide for every hamster owner need to know.

First of all, we should know about how to know if our hamster is pregnant or not. There are many signs that you can use to help identify if your hamster is pregnant or not, but knowing this sign is also not enough to help determine whether your hamster is pregnant or not. So, these are signs and habits that your hamster might be pregnant.

Signs and habits that indicating your hamster might be pregnant

Here are some signs and changes of habits of your hamster that may indicate the sign as your hamster might be pregnant. Even after seeing one or two of these sign, you still need to carefully watch your hamster whether she is really pregnant or not.

  • Swollen belly

Well, swollen belly is an obvious sign of pregnancy for every mammal including hamster. However, if you see your hamster have swollen belly, don’t judge it is pregnant too quickly, as it can be something else different entirely. This is usually the first sign you might see when your hamster is pregnant.

There are differences of hamster swollen belly that caused by illness and pregnancies. Confirm if your hamster is pregnant or not by watching if the swollen belly is growing.

  • Change in eating habits

If a female hamster is pregnant, they have sudden but subtle changes in eating habits. Female hamster also tries to hoard a lot of foods in their nest. If you see your hamster start to eat strangely, hoarding a lot of foods in her nest and very picky about their foods, it might be indicating that they are pregnant.

However, you still need to check out for another sign, as changes in eating habits can also indicate sickness or stomach ache not just pregnancies.

  • Your hamster will try to build a nest

When you see your hamster start collecting bedding and nesting materials such as cloth, wooden pulp, and any other materials that are warm and good for nesting then it can also be the sign of pregnancies. A female hamster will try to hoard and create a nesting place for her, a place where she wouldn’t disturb by anything else. It is quite a clear sign of pregnancies for a hamster.

  • Your hamster becoming frantic

During pregnancies, female hamster tends to have strange, unusual and frantic behavior. They become restless, running around everywhere to eat, build a nest, and grooming but they do it anywhere and whenever they want. Hamster becoming more frantic as the day of late pregnancies is coming closer, and the day of labor is closer. If you notice on strange frantic behavior on your hamster, then you might want to consider her pregnant.

  • Your hamster is hanging around with male hamster

If you notice that your hamster is lately hanging around with male hamster, then your hamster might just be pregnant. Hamster usually has pregnancy length of 15 to 21 days. If your hamster is housed in the same cage as a male hamster, then your female hamster might get pregnant in a few days after they reach a maturity of course.

After noticing your hamster is pregnant, you can’t just leave her be like a usual day. Pregnant hamster requires extra care and attention. One thing you should keep in mind, that hamster might abandon or even eat their own babies after labor. Male hamster also tends to hurt their female when they are pregnant too. So, what should we do if our hamster is pregnant? Here are some tips that might help your pregnant hamster.

After confirming your hamster is pregnant, you should hurry to separate female hamster from a male hamster. Sometimes, the male hamster could harm the female hamster intentional or not. It is best to keep both of your hamsters in a different cage. Try to don’t separate them too far, or else your female hamster might get lonely. Give them a different cage, but let them see each other by placing the cage side by side.

Never, ever try to touch hamster mother belly when she is pregnant. It is incredibly dangerous as it can put her babies at risk, and it can also stress the mother. You could try to pet them, but don’t pet them too much during pregnancies. Feed the mother with nutritious diets. Fresh veggies and fruits will work wonderfully for a pregnant hamster.

If you notice that your hamster is pregnant, if you can you should directly ask for a vets help. Let vets determine whether your hamster is pregnant or not, and then they can help you with guidance and advice. Keep it in mind that your hamster might get stressed during their pregnancies, even with veterinary help. Too much stress in hamster might result in the mother abandoning their babies or even eating their own babies.

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