The Amazing Benefits of Walking your Cats Outside and How to Do it Safely

Walking your cat might be one of the most fun leisure time you can do, don’t you agree? It is not only good for your health, and also for your cat’s health. There are many benefits of walking your cat. It provides your cat with some fresh air and fun time walking outside.

There are some pros and cons about walking your cat outside, but let’s think about the positive impacts first. As long as you maintain the safety of walking your cats outside, you will be able to avoid the dangers that your cat might experience. Here are the amazing benefits of walking your cats outside and how to do it safely.

  • Train Its Explorer Instincts

By nature, cats are curious animals. They love exploring new thing on the environment. By being engaged in outdoor environment, such as walking around, it will allow your cat to observe the surrounding environment including the presence of local animals.

Besides, your cat will also be allowed to smell, see, and hear the surroundings that is good for killing boredom of staying indoor most of the time.

You can walk your cat outdoors by using harness and leash. You can let your cat have fun and control it at the same time.

  • Happiness that Leads to Good Behavior

Boredom that your cat feels when it stays indoor can lead to some problems in its behavior, such as destructive scratching. By walking your cat outside, your cat will get some exercise and have some time scratching some more suitable surface.

Excess energy that your cat has will also be burnt off by exercising outside. It will be less possible for your cat to misbehave at home when it runs out of energy.

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You can also have fun with your cat, by doing these 6 fun games to play with your beloved cats. You can have fun and strengthen your bonding with your cat too!

  • Help Your Cat to be in Shape

By walking outside, your cat is exercising. Exercising will burn off the excess calories in your cat’s body. If your cat doesn’t walk outside to exercise, your cat will become a couch potato, which leads to overweight.

Overweight leads to several health issues, such as heart attack and obesity. By spending several minutes a day with you walking around will help to shed off some pounds from your cat’s body.

If you plan to have your cat lose some weight, you can see workout ideas for your fat cat. They are fun and make your cat sweating!

  • Prevent Your Cat from Escape Behavior

Cats have tendency to escape and by walking it around it might be a good way to reduce the tendency of escapism. If your cat really loves to go outside, then you can bring it for a walk with a harness. You need to be careful with this kind of cat.

If you want to know more about escapism in cats, you can read the reasons why your cat try to escape from your home and how to prevent your cat to escape from your home. These tips are very useful!

How to Safely Walk Your Cat Outside

Walking your cat outside can be a fun activity, but you still need to think about its safety. There are some things you need to consider before walking your cat outside. Here are the things to walk your cat safely:

  • Vaccinated and dewormed. Make sure your cat is completely vaccinated and dewormed before it walks outside. By doing so, you might prevent any diseases that other cats or animals bring to your cat. Make sure your cat is vaccinated with these essential vaccines for cat.
  • Harness is needed. Putting your cat on a harness while walking around will enable you to control your cat better. But, don’t over control your cat while walking outside as it might create scary or overwhelming experience for your cat.
  • Don’t start with too much walk. You can bring your cat out for a short walk first. Then, gradually increase the length of walk as they begin to feel more comfortable.
  • Choose a quiet place. Crowded place with much distraction can create scary and uncomfortable situation. Once your cat is uncomfortable, then it might be a traumatic experience for it. You’d better choose the quiet place without many animals. You can start walking around your property first.

Cats are lovely animals to keep at home. Making sure they are healthy and happy is your job as owner. Walking your cat outside gives your cat some benefits. Maintain its safety and get your cat feel happy and healthy!