How to Encounter the Problems of Endangered Mammals

Today, we are facing a problem with endangered animals. The list of the species is going on and on. We know that endangered species is a type or group of organisms that are at risk of becoming extinct. The main reason why the species become endangered are due to the loss of habitat from the […]

Live In Australia? Spare Some Of Your Time To Help Koala From Fully Extinct

We all love koalas! Who cannot resist their cuteness? We know that Koala is a native to Australia and become its national symbol. They are a nocturnal herbivorous marsupial, who like to spend their time chilling out in the nooks in tree and chewing a lot of eucalyptus leaves every day! Koalas have tailles body […]

6 Endangered Birds Around the World

Many animals’ species have been jump into the list of endangered animals’ around the world, from the lion in South Africa – to the wild cat of Amazon – jaguar, and the polar bear in Arctic. Our nature ecosystem apparently has meet to crucial state. Unfortunately, the biggest donor of this destruction are human. The […]