6 Incredible Extinct Animals in Asia

Do you know that several species of animals are extinct? Sadly saying, animal extinction is caused by human interference. Just mention poaching for animal tusks and habitat destruction are the main factors of animal extinction. Spend time reading about vulnerable animals in the world. Here they are, the 6 incredible creatures that have been driven […]

7 Animals Extinction in the 20th Century

Species of animals always shift in their population count. Animals that aren’t hunted or threatened by humans would usually have a higher population count. When these animals are threatened and killed, their population would keep on declining every day. When the population reaches a very low number, these animals would be called endangered animals. Examples […]

How to Encounter the Problems of Endangered Mammals

Today, we are facing a problem with endangered animals. The list of the species is going on and on. We know that endangered species is a type or group of organisms that are at risk of becoming extinct. The main reason why the species become endangered are due to the loss of habitat from the […]

Live In Australia? Spare Some Of Your Time To Help Koala From Fully Extinct

We all love koalas! Who cannot resist their cuteness? We know that Koala is a native to Australia and become its national symbol. They are a nocturnal herbivorous marsupial, who like to spend their time chilling out in the nooks in tree and chewing a lot of eucalyptus leaves every day! Koalas have tailles body […]

4 Steps We Need to Save Animals before They Extinct

The scariest situation in the wildlife is happening. Mother nature has played chase and catch with us – running from the threat of extinction – precisely not us humankind, but other species – our beloved wild animals. From almost decade the ignorance and insensitivity of ours of other non-human creatures resulted great damage to wildlife. […]

What Are the Differences Between Rare Animal and Extinct Animal?

The beauty have been faded. Perhaps, that is the perfect sentences we could use to describe phenomenon which happened these days. Mother nature is not as powerful as before compares to sophistication of human technology, which not only bring benefit, but also bring a massive destruction – exactly like the two side of a coin. […]