9 Most Dangerous Sea Creatures You Never Know Before

You might always think that shark is the most dangerous sea creatures ever alive. However, shark is not the only one. Shark is well known for being the deadliest killing sea creature. However, there are more dangerous sea creatures you will be amazed of. Sea is not the only place where you can see lots […]

Top 8 Smallest Animals in the World You Never Know!

It is always interesting to talk and discuss about animals. Animal has been one of the unique and interesting living things to be explored. Animals come in different sizes, ranging from huge animals to small animals or even tiny animals. By its size, animals are formed to have different features that enable them to survive […]

7 List of World’s Lizard Species

Lizards are one of the reptilian animals that generally have scales and quadrupeds. However, there are some lizards that don’t have legs and tend to resemble snakes. They appear to have oily scales, but actually their skin is dry because they don’t have pores on their skin to produce oil. Well, lizards spread almost everywhere […]

7 Animals which Have Amazing Sense of Smell in the World

Each animal has the most prominent sense inside. There are animals that have a sharp sense of sight like eagles, the ability to run very fast like cheetahs, a very adept at climbing like monkeys, a sharp sense of hearing like bats and much more. In addition to the abilities above, there are also animals […]

Do You Know the Characteristics of Animals that Live in Savanna Biome?

The world consists of various areas that have certain animals and plants characteristic. There are aquatic, forest, desert, tundra and grassland. These can combine each other where one is quite similar to the other. For examples such as savanna that combines dessert and rainforest scheme There are aquatic mammals and there is a long list […]

All You Need to Know about the Characteristics of Animals in Rainforest

Rainforest is a cosy place for animals because it has big trees to protect them, and almost half kind of them are live there. The examples of rainforest in the world you can find it in the Amazon forest in Brazil, South America and Borneo forest in Indonesia. It supports the largest diversity of flora […]

You Should Watch Out of these 7 Innocent Looking Animals that are Deadly

Just like what people say, do not judge a book by its cover. This term also applies to the animals that we will be discussing today. These animals might look like calm and without any terrifying physical attributes. But as a matter of fact, these animals have hidden attributes and uniqueness that most people don’t […]

8 Bears You Can Find Around the World

Bear is one of the most famous and largest mammals in the world. Even bears can be found almost in all parts of the worldwide. Bears include ferocious predatory animals in the world. Therefore, this animal is feared by humans and even other animals. Well, until now there are several types of bears that are […]

Let’s Meet with These 7 Beautious Papua New Guinea Animals

Papua New Guinea is a country that has direct land-border with Indonesia, specifically Papua Province. That makes some animals in Papua New Guinea also able to be found in Papua. In fact, Papua New Guinea turns out to have the third largest rainforest in the world and becomes home to approximately 8% of the world’s […]

All You Need to Know About Cannibalism in Animal Kingdom

People often refer to the ideas that even animals will not hurt their kids. When they see a cruel behaviour from human to other human or even their kids. Yet, in reality, some animals are more than able to hurt their kids, siblings or parents. Some actually eat them. Cannibalism among animal is actually quite […]