The Scariest Facts Behind Petting Otter as a Pet

Wild animal being a pet? That’s so interesting, isn’t? Who say you can’t pet wild animals as pet? In fact, there are many lists of names of exotic animals could be keep as pet, such as exotic cats the Bengal and Sphinx cats. Yes, both of them are allowed to keep as pet although both of their nursery isn’t easier. But, there are some that couldn’t be keep despite their beautiful and unique characteristics such as rusty-spotted cat – the smallest cat in the wildlife Asia. Besides those little cats, there’s a good news for you who lived in United States.

If you ever attempt to keep the big cats kin, some states of U.S allowed you to keep the beautiful cougar. I’m not certainly sure about other places, because the law of exotic animals on every place is different, so did whit the list of the animals themselves. Furthermore, one of the exotic that allowed keeping as pet is otter. Otter is the adorable mammal that love to play in the water. They were so cute and if you look at them, you would be convince that is a good idea to bring this animal into your house.

That is not completely wrong, but digging more information about any kinds of animals – especially the wild one it’s a very good idea, my dear friends. You need to understand, keeping wild animals always come with higher risk rather than keeping common ordinary domestic animals – even the animals that looks docile enough, included otter. Today article would share shocking information about the scariest facts behind petting otter as a pet.

Wild Otter is the Latest Trending Exotic Animal as Pet

Apparently, otter become trending exotic animal to be pet in South Asia. Explained Kanitha Kirshnasamy, the director of the main organization which monitor global trade of wild animals of South Asia that the main appeal why people start keeping otter as pet is the cuteness. In fact, people willingly pay for thousands of dollars to get of otter as their pet. For your note, the four of otter species are not in the threat of extinction, but we cannot say either that this creature is thriving.

Although this animal has facing the environment limitation and pesticides, the only threat that endangered this animal in the wild is the trade. Furthermore, otter is highly hard to breed in captivity, unless you’re capable to provide the highly special diet for the mom and the babies; because otter’ diet was the main factor that able to prevent infection such as distemper.

Why Otter isn’t a Perfect Pet for You and Your Family

The scariest facts behind petting otter as a pet is first, you are contributed to the extinction of the otter. As I mentioned before, the only threat that otter faced these days are the trade. Otter is not domesticated animal, they are wild species. The difficulty to breed otter inside the captivity would push otter’ reproduction number over the time. Then, before we are realize it, thanks to us, otter would be face the real extinction. I must say this is the real scariest part of owning otter as pet.

The second part is their habitual and behavioral. Otter needs a lot of water – especially Asian small clawed because they were semi-aquatic species. Otter spends almost half of their day on the water. Don’t ever thing that this habitual is only for fun – you’re totally wrong. Otter body created to adapt with water associated with the hunt habitual. This animal have a very fast body’ metabolism, plus they drink – a lot – during the day. Furthermore, otter was classified as predatory animal which mean they were eaten another animal – or simply, they were carnivore.

Inside the captivity – indirectly, you’re bury otter hunt skill, because the only foods that available is “dead meat”. You have to understand, otter is high energy animal, they hunt to burn all those energies. Well, I could imagine how boring he would felt inside the cage. The third fact you need to know before bringing otter home is they were pretty destructive. If, you could bunny-proof your house you can’t “otter-proof” your house. Not to mention, otter is a fast learner. If you block their way from particular place, they could find their own way to “break your rule”.

In short, as much as I like this animal, I would think twice to keep this little adorable creature inside my house.