3 Things about Macaque Skills that Should be Known

Relationship between nature and animals never bored anyone. The wildlife that have been given to us by our beautiful mother earth never stop flaunts its wondrous. Today, we would talk about one of the species of primates called macaque. Did you ever hear about this wild animal? Well, yes, unlike other primate family members such as gorilla, orangutan, chimpanzee, bonobo, and mandrill, this macaque mammal isn’t quite familiar. It’s pretty sad if we don’t know about this species, of course. So, today we would share to you all about macaque and 3 things about macaque skills that should be known.


Macaque is one of the member of subfamily Cercophitecinae from the genus of Gregarious Old World monkeys. The distribution of macaque was spread throughout Asian continent and this animal is highly adaptable. But, not only in Asia, you could also find this animal around the Gibraltar and North Africa. Macaque totally has about twenty-four species around the world; I’m would not name it one by one, but I would name some of the most famous species of Macaque: Barbary macaque, Lion-tailed macaque, Southern pig-tailed macaque, Pagai Island macaque, Northern pig-tailed macaque, crab-eating macaque, and Celebes crested macaque.

I named seven of twenty-four species of macaques. Mostly, the main diet of macaques was included: tree barks, leaves, seeds, and flowers. But, yes, some of their species was eat invertebrates and small vertebrates as the addition. Is these animals are dangerous? Well, some of the species has a very good skill of adaptation. They were able to socialize with people and learn to live with human. But, however, some of them remain wild and some of them would not doubt to exhibit aggression toward anything that try to disturb them.

Due the loss of its habitat, an invasive lately have been done by this monkey species, but luckily, this invasion successfully controlled by several control methods. There are many special things about macaques, but today we summarize it into 3 things about macaque skills that should be known by people.

1. Rat Hunt Skill of Southern Pig-tailed Macaque

The first skill was exhibited by Southern pig-tailed macaque. Apparently, this species has incredible rats hunting skill just like cats. This skill was reviled throughout the case that occurred in Malaysia. Apparently, this species seems to love spend their time among oil palm plantations which is a little bit weird considered the location of the oil palm plantation was fairly across their natural habitat.

Reviled that macaque was lived among the oil palm because this species diet mainly composed by with the oil palm. But, surprisingly, the researchers shocked due the fact that this species also hunt the rats and ate them as addition of diet menu. However, although this feeding habit was unusual, but thank to Southern pig-tailed macaque, they contributed to safe the plantation from rat invasion.

2. Impressive Adaptation skill of Barbary Macaque

One of the impressive skill of Barbary macaque is the ability to adapt with temperature climates. This species used to live among a hot places, dry summers places, and drop cold winter places. Through all year, they were easily adapted with all kind of climate temperature that fall upon them.

When you see other primates was try to look warm and cozy places during a snowy cold winter, then you would find this species roaming around on the snow with their group. Apparently, this ability was supported by the thick and long fur of Barbary macaque, but this fur is moulted in during the seasonal shift (summer).

3. Eating Skill of Crab-eating Macaque

Well, this species name is pretty suitable with excellent skill that this primate has. If, most common diet menu of macaques was plants, but apparently, this species chose to be an omnivorous species. As an omnivore, crab-eating macaque used to eat plants and meat, included: nuts, fruits, seeds, plus meat such as oysters, frogs, and lizards. But, is that true that this monkey is eating crab too?

The answer is yes, folks. Just like its name, this species love to eat crabs. Even more, this monkey have an excellent skill to eat the crab (consider the troublesome I often find while eating crab), they were smart enough to break crab’s shell with a tool such as a rock. Not only the crab, the rock method was also used to eat oyster and nuts; and to peel potatoes’ skin, apparently this animal prefer to use its own teeth.