Stop Dolphin Exploitation: The Biggest Mistakes of Dolphinariums

Ocean-dwellers are one of the most magnificent mother earth present for human. Varieties of wondrous animal species from fishes such as Betta fish, Spanish dancer fish, butter fish; some of enormous terrifying creatures such sharks and sea crocodiles. Do not forget the cetaceans (aquatic member mammals) members such as whales, porpoises, and dolphins. This is our earth aquariums that would never be compared to human-made aquariums; full of the wild animals that should always remain in the wildlife.

You might rarely hear about any dolphin news rather than dolphins often stranded on beach, but today we would lift up another topic which arise from the concernment of many parties due dolphins’ welfare. The concernment of animals’ exploitation is not new anymore. Due their own sake and pleasure, human are not afraid to make anything as a profit object – to another human, moreover to animal. If you notice, folks, there’s a lot of animals’ attraction lists that have been banned by official parties such as the popular and famous entertainment: animals’ circus.

Government of many countries had decided to ban the exploitation of wild animals for human entertain inside the circus. Now, there are still many kinds of exploitation you should understand. If you can’t be part of those people who fight for those animals, at least, you would not willingly be part of people who enjoyed the suffering of those animals. For the example is riding elephants attraction. Did you know, although elephants are the largest ground-animals on earth, elephants’ backs are not well-adapted with extra weight.

This leads to several serious health issues, included permanent spinal injuries. Did you still want to ride an elephant? So, what kind of exploitation that occurred in dolphins? The answer is dolphinarium. If you people didn’t know what is dolphinarium, I suggest you to check this article: 2 facts of dolphins mental health in dolphinarium; because it explains a little bit about dolphinarium. Therefore, we should stop dolphin exploitation: the biggest mistakes of dolphinarium.

End the Exploitation and Captivity of Dolphins

Stop dolphin exploitation: the biggest mistakes of dolphinarium is our main topic today. It’s so tragic to witness so many people still enjoyed animal exploitation such an amazing and incredible amusement. The truth is, those animals didn’t have any choices but do what the instructor tell them to do. Do you think those animals enjoyed my they did? The answer is no – a big no. Most of the SeaWorld and dolphinarium has no “healthy living space” for those poor dolphins.

The dolphins are housed in extreme shallow, severely crowded, and small enclosure places which is for the animals it would seem unnatural. Without any consideration of the animals’ health, these places created concrete barren that provide accessibility and visibility due to please its audiences. This unhealthy living space would only physically and mental harms for the captivated animals; many cases leads these poor dolphins to illness and premature death.

Moreover, most of the time this amusement park allowed its audience to experience direct contact with dolphins which most of the time this opportunity used to do harassment by splashing water to the dolphins and submerged their hands in attempt to touch and grab dolphin body. However, if you think that these places was only resettle those dolphins that accidentally stranded or lost, you’re wrong. Due to add number of dolphins’ population inside the dolphinarium, they captured wild dolphins into the captivity.

This is mainly because dolphins’ reproduction inside dolphinarium is fairly difficult. Let the dolphins living on this limit space would cause to mentally health state of the dolphins. For the examples are acoustic stress and social stress. Therefore, let me explain to you what is acoustic stress and social stress:

  • Acoustic Stress: is a health problem associated with acoustic system that held the role on hunt, navigate, communication, and visualization. Most of the time this problem occurred on captivated dolphins than the wild dolphins.
  • Social Stress: this is the stress due the limitation of social relationship of dolphins. Dolphins are highly social, they have incredible massive emotion like human; they build relationship between group ranging over wide areas and individuals.

Then, the real question is how to stop and end this captivity? First, stop the demand. Make all those employees and staff understand that they have done – unconsciously – cruelty to the animals. If your purpose is saving and prevent dolphins from extinction, you can create sanctuary not an “amusement” tank.