7 Ways on How to Breed Freshwater Shrimp at Home

Talking about seafood, you’ll definitely be thinking on how delicious these dishes are. For sure there are also a lot of marine creatures that can be consumed besides fish, shrimp for example. The type of shrimp that we are going to discuss is freshwater shrimp. Freshwater shrimp is a type of shrimp which lives in a freshwater not seawater. So, it seems to be easier to have shrimp aquaculture at home. Moreover, shrimp business could give a huge amount of profit. Here is also 12 Tips on How To Start Your Own Livestock Farm that you might want to read

How is not possible, most of fast food restaurant provides seafood start from fish to shrimp and other kind of seafood. So it is normal if shrimp always put on a high price, around 70 thousand rupiah for each kilogram and still it all depends on the type and weight. So, do you have interest in having a freshwater – shrimp aquaculture at home?

Talking about freshwater-shrimp aquaculture, you might thing that it might quite complicated to prepare everything out. So in a farming or aquaculture business there are always be risk and persistence that should be done. Everything needs a hard work, but the result will never disappoint.

Just like aquaculturing freshwater-shrimp, if you do this step by step in a correct and persistent way than the result will be pleasing. For the details, you can read these points or steps on 7 ways on how to breed freshwater shrimp at home

Freshwater Shrimp Breeding at Home

Prepare the Media

The first step in breeding, definitely preparing the media that are needed, such as an aquarium or pool. You can buy an aquarium at store, or probably build a medium size pool or just the right size for your target.

Pick the Seeds

After preparing the pool or aquarium is finished, then the next step is picking the right seed. In this case you have to make sure that you are picking a high quality seed and also high in productivity. To know several high quality shrimp, use this guide as a help :

  • Not pale or different from the other shrimp
  • Active, good appetite
  • Heavy weight, not skinny
  • Glowy-bright skin

Prepare the Food and Multivitamin

The next thing in freshwater-shrimp aquaculture at home is preparing food supply that you are going to give later. In this case, it doesn’t mean that you only need to prepare the food, but also its vitamin.

Here are what you need :

  • Corn
  • Wheat Flour
  • Glutinous Rice
  • Rice

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Aquaculturing Steps

If you have prepare the first 3 steps, the next thing you do is start doing the aquaculturing with these steps :

  • Clean out the pool or aquarium
  • Fill it with clean freshwater, then check the water pH level, the ideal is around 6-7
  • Use a water pump that is usually used in a aquaculture, to provide oxygen in the pool or aquarium
  • Drop cuts of PVC as a hiding place
  • Spread out the freshwater-shrimp

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Care and Maintenance

The success key of shrimps aquaculture is based on the care and maintenance. So, do the best, give food at least twice a day on the morning and noon. For the portion is 40% in the morning and 60% at noon. Besides it is also important to have a good care of the water quality, because pool or aquarium is a small space so there must be a pile of dust down there that could cause a bad effect for your shrimps

The next step of care and maintenance is doing the spawning process. This happen naturally that the shrimp will do it themself. Even this process doesn’t need any of human help. That is why you need to prepare a cut of PVC. In the end all you need to do is only find the shrimp mate to spawn.

Harvest Preparation

It comes to the most awaiting time, preparation before harvest time. Usually, harvest preparation is done at least a week before the harvest time. You can use this time to find customers or buyer

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Harvest Time

After doing these freshwater-shrimp aquaculture steps at home, and the preparation toward the harvest time, so you should have found the customer or buyer. So when it comes to harvest time you only need to take your result product, and pick the mature and big shrimp. Leave the young age for the next farming.

That is the seven steps on how to aquaculture freshwater-shrimp that you can do easily at home. Do all the points above with persistence and patient, because as a farmer a success never come instantly, everything need process. Happy trying.

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