4 Kinds of Baby Hamster Food Based on Their Ages

Hamster is a cute animal with soft fur. A lot of people say that this animal is a mouse, but the truth is, it is not. It isn’t right if hamster is a mouse, although both of them are rodent animal, hamster isn’t part of pest like mouse do. Beside, hamster is cuter with a lot of beautiful variety of color. It has short, chubby body and tail. There are many kinds of hamster that we have discuss on the previous article.

The mother hamster itself is already cute, the baby hamster will surely be way cuter. But, what are the foods for the baby? If the mother is eating seeds, is the same foods are given to the baby? Here we are going to talk about the baby hamster’s food. There are a lot of things that we have already discuss about this cute and adorable animal, such as on how to take ask them playing, for those who have them but confused on how to take them playing.

Besides, we have already tell you on how to keep hamster odor free, considering a lot of people think that having a hamster can be quite smelly. Here is How To Take Care Of Hamster At Home For Beginners that you can read. There are also several signs of sick hamster that you can handle by reading 7 Simple Home Remedies To Treat A Sick Hamster which we have been discuss on the previous article.

This time, we are going to discuss about what the foods for baby hamster are. Although differentiate male and female hamster is quite tough, which you can read on 7 Ways To Differentiate Male and Female Hamsters ,differentiate mother and baby hamster might not a difficult thing to do. Here are several foods for baby hamster that you need to know.

4 Kinds of Foods for Baby Hamster

  • Age 1 to 15 Days

Baby hamster really is adorable, however it might give a little bit of uncomfortable feeling, for it has a little fur or even no fur. If you have baby hamster, you can’t take it carelessly. You should give it the right food or you can read How To Properly Take Care Of Newborn Baby Hamster to help you take care of the baby hamster. On this stage around 1 to 10 days old, baby hamster eat no more than breast milk. It is still not the right time to give any other food.

So, in this stage you are responsible in making sure that the baby is having a good supply of milk or not. You also need to make sure that the mother is having a good supply of food and drink because there is still a possibility that the mother will eat her children when she is feeling hungry. Moreover on breastfeeding stage, a mother hamster will need more food and drink.

  • Age 16 to 30 Days

Around 16 to 30 days, baby hamster is allowed to have water. But you need to make sure that the water is clean, start from the bottle to the water that you are going to give. Because baby hamster’s immune system is still weak, and could get sick easily. Although it is okay to drink water but baby hamster still need breast milk. On this stage, baby hamster could also try to eat broccoli.

  • Age 30 days more

Hamster has quite fast growth. In the age of one month, we can say that they are mature enough, so there will be significant difference in food. Just as you know that mature hamster eat seeds, such as rice, sunflower seeds, corns, green beans and many more. For baby hamster which has been a month old or more can eat seeds, but not most of the time. Mix it with some green vegetables.

  • Mature

Nah, if it has been mature enough, you can be more peaceful when giving them foods. It is okay to give them seeds just as we have talked before or you can also read it on 4 Things That Must Be Included in Hamster Food

When having hamster, never let the bowl and bottle empty. Make sure that everything is available, so hamster won’t be starve and be cranky. To don’t forget to always give them a good amount of vitamin and other food to fulfill the right nutrients.

That is all 4 kinds of baby hamster foods that you can try to give to your hamster. And to take care of it, try following article about how to take care of a baby hamster and you can also read about how to take care of a newborn baby hamster on the previous article. Happy Trying