What Can Happen To Kids That Growing Up With Pets?

Pet was undeniable companion which always ready to lighter your life every day. Whether it’s young or adult, children or grandpa and grandma – their present would fill our loneliness. A lot of family has decided to add a new member of family, such new puppy (or an adult dog), a fluffy baby bunny, the unpredictable cat, or choose a singing bird such cockatiel. These animals was commonly choices of pet you could find out there, but some people also have a unique taste as owner.

Apparently, some people prefer to pick reptiles as their new member of family, such snake, chameleon, and iguana – perhaps even others exotic animal such scorpion. And if you decided to pet these reptiles of exotic animals, I hope you would make sure that these animals was safe for yourself and your whole family (especially if you have children). But, I’m sorry folks, today I just going to discuss a normal pet (furry animals).

Apparently, it is very easy for anyone to mesmerized by the lovable, cute, and attractive out look of these furry animals, primarily children. Often we saw a child would cry and shout to get what they want, and a lot of time pet was one of the thing they want. However, there are parents would never allowing their children for whatsoever keeping an animal inside the house. These types of parents might be consider the weight of responsibility of owning or raising an animal. And it’s not wrong – conversely, it’s very true.

But parents, do you ever questioning what can happen to kids that growing up with pets? Let me tell you, in fact, there’s a lot of benefits waiting for you children whose growing with companion of animal. Maybe as a parent all you think was how much trouble you would get by the present of animal inside your house. So, today, all the beloved parents, I will help you to change your mindset about pets – why you need them around your kids – what kind of benefit that pets would bring. Let’s check it out!

Pet Would Help Your Children to Learn Thing

Parent, it might be surprising; but yes, pet would help your children to learn thing. A professor from University of Pennsylvania named Mary Renck Jalongo also the author of The World of Children and Their Companion Animals, totally agreed with this fact. That is why there’s so many of educators push the method of therapy animals (which commonly were dog) into the school or other social groups – even in rehab places. They know the ability of animal to help on mentally development of kids which would challenge the children to learn something new.

This kids would happily enjoy the moment with the friendly companion of their paws pal. In a study, the researcher asked few numbers of kids to read something in front of an adult, a peer, and the last is a dog to see the stress level that the kids might feel. The result revealed the lowest scores of stress number was when the kids read in front of a dog than with the rest of two human (the peer and adult). So, no wonder when you saw a kid seems very excited when they were reading their favorite story book to their beloved four-legged friend – the dog and the cat.

Pet Would Encourage Nurturing Ability

Nurturing isn’t something appear on sudden within adulthood and just pop up when we need it. Nature was something we should learn since a kid. There’s no natural nurtured, plus – doesn’t mean if you nurtured when you were a child then you would learn how to nurture someday. You need a lot of practice to be a generous caregiver – and that was something you have learned since childhood.

With you as a parents – letting your kids grow up around pet, you would habituate your child to care and responsible for other living thing. And as they grew you would see the seed of responsibility and care for other would attach to your children – they would be an incredible parent too one day. This method was worth to try especially to the boys, who have the nature of laodicean. Ordinarily, the oldest sibling would have this quality because they used to take care of their younger sibling (but unfortunately, not all of us was born as the firstborn).

Pet Would Create Comfortable Environment for The Children

Parents, what might you never know is that pet would create comfortable environments for your children. With the presence of pet, your children would feel supported by the companion of pet. Like we learn earlier, that a child would feel the most comfortable and relax around their pet than other human companion. In fact, there’s a lot of reports from the parents that provide pets as their children companion, which revealed that their children was less withdrawn and anxious.

Another advantage, pets apparently has given children a topic to talk about and share while connecting with another children. A study revealed few children was asked to give advice for the unpopular kids on how to get a friend, and their fist advice was to suggest those kids to get a pet. Also, when the researcher was asked a group of five years old buddy, what would they do when they felt afraid, sad, or angry, 40 percent of those kids would turn to their pet.

Pet Would Keep Your Children Healthy

The last but not least from what can happen to kids that growing up with pets – your pet would keep your children healthy. The fact is pets could help to protect your children from some illness. Do you know that the children who had exposed by any kinds of pet as since baby, was in the lowest score of caught by the common allergies than the kids who had no pet.

A study also revealed that early exposure with pet might decrease the risk of children to developing asthma. This happened because of their immune system already used to with some bacteria which live in animals’ mouths that usually transfers by the lick. So all my beloved parents, do you consider to having pets now?