What Types of Fruits that can be Eaten by Hamster

As hamster’ owners we bear responsibility to keep out hamster’ in their prime state of health. Although, yes, we couldn’t prevent some of deadly diseases such as cancer and tumor – but, we certainly can’t prevent some infection on hamsters to go in advanced stage. Infection occurred mostly repercussions of untreated open wounds; this happened to several infections, included: lumpy jaw and pink eye in hamsters. Both of diseases would lead to serious complication if didn’t get proper treatment immediate.

Therefore, the wisest move to choose is treated the open wounds as soon as you noticed it, otherwise you would face more complicated cases happened in your pet hamsters. Furthermore, as furry creatures, you certainly need to learn how to maintain hamster’ hair or fur. Alopecia in hamster happened because many of people ignored the proper fur cleanliness in hamsters. In hamsters, alopecia (hair loss) potentially happened caused by several culprits, included ticks, mites, and other parasites lived under hamster’ skin, friction, and nutritional deficiency.

Ticks and mites often occurred in hamsters that didn’t get proper regular cleanliness for both environment (cages, sanitary, toys and other equipment) and body clean. Due this case, most of the time the vet would prescript antibiotic therapy (for the alopecia) and topical shampoo. But, what would happen if alopecia occurred due the nutritional deficiency? In that case, you would be demand to re-balance hamster’ feeding habit. Yes, you can’t feed hamster carelessly.

There’s proper guideline on hamster’ food you need to follow if you truly care about your pet. We already knew that hamsters are herbivorous animals; they eat fruits, vegetables, and green leafs as their main dietary. The dietary must meet nutritional needs of hamsters; consequently, the understanding of what’s best for hamster must be mastered. Therefore, today we would help you, people, to know about what types of fruits that can be eaten by hamster that also able to fulfill hamster’ nutritional needs.

Proper Foods for the Hamster

Hamsters should be fed with balance diet to maintain their health. As you know, hamsters are very active animals, they like to play and do their things inside the cage. It’s really sad, isn’t it to witness our playful animal can’t do what they usually do because they get sick. Proper food would always associate with hamster’ health, therefore, the right foods selection should be done by all hamster’ owners. One thing you need to remember, fresh foods and clean water should always provide twenty-four hours in hamster’ cage.

However, what kind of foods hamster love to eat? First of all, these days become an easier day for hamster’ owner associated with food selection, because there’s a lot of commercial hamster’ foods provided in animal stores. The good news is your hamsters love it so much! Most of the commercial foods already contained with balance nutrition for hamster which surely accommodate hamster’ nutrition needs. But, before you purchase these foods, you need consider that hamster adverse to change her diet.

Always purchase what usually eaten by your hamsters and then after a few weeks, you could slowly change hamster’ diet menu. Plus, always make sure the hamster eat every single foods without being picky one; this commonly happened when you feed hamster with a seed mix. They prone to eat only the sun flower seeds rather than other seeds – this is not good because it imbalance the nutrition that should gained by the hamsters. Besides the main foods, hamster also suggested taking supplement to boost their immune system.

Just like the commercial foods, there are commercial supplements which is easy to find in animal stores with variant of substances. There are vitamins supplements and minerals supplement as the options to choose. For all the owners who don’t have much time to go shopping, then the commercial supplement would be a perfect choice to pick – and don’t worry, it’s absolutely safe to feed to your hamsters. But, however, there are many people actually prefer to feed their hamsters with natural supplement.

What is natural supplement? It was supplement that gained from natural and fresh sources such as vegetables, green leafy, and fruits. So, yes, as today we would discuss about what types of fruits that can be eaten by hamster, we would explain why natural supplement might be better than commercial supplement.

Fruits as Natural Supplement for Hamster

You need to remember, all kinds of fresh foods are always better than the commercial ones which have been through some process in the factory. Although, yes – even the commercial has obtained approval from official health agency, still it would be more “safe” to pick the source itself. However, you need to be careful while feeding your hamster with fruits, though, my dear friends.

Hamster’ body unable to handle to much sugar; so, you need to measure precisely before you offer the fruits in front of the hamster. Only a little amount of fruit permitted to offer to hamster every single day. The estimate amount of fruit is about a couple of raisins. Then, always remember to remove the leftover inside furry-ball creature’ cage, because those leftovers would rot and contaminate the cage. This would be a really big trouble if the hamster accidentally eat the rot leftover.

But, before I make a list of the best fruit that could be eaten by hamster, I want to remind you to wash and clean the fruits – always – before you serve it to your beloved one This to make sure there are no particles that attached to the fruits which would end up entering hamster’ body. Okay, so these are several lists of fruits that’s good to feed to hamster:

  • Apples (make sure you remove the seeds to prevent choke situation), raspberries, raspberry leaves, blackberries, strawberries, cranberries, blueberries, cherries, banana, cantaloupe, grapes (also remove the seeds), lychee, peaches, melon, mango, plums, and then kiwi.

These are types of fruits that’s acceptable by hamster. Also, another addition, you could offer the hamster for once a week with hard-boiled egg, my dear friends. I know it’s a little bit absurd, but the fact is the egg would meet additional protein needed by hamster’ body.