Which hamster is good to Keep Winter White or Roborovski?

Hamster has their own fans all around the world. From any types of hamster, one of all popular type that usually keep at home is dwarf hamster. Wait wait, hamster does small animal, right? can you imagine if the medium is already small, then how about the dwarf? Well, dwarf hamster is the kind of hamster that couldn’t significantly grow bigger like another hamster types. This hamster usually has white hair and the size is absolutely small. It is like a big as a fist and their tall absolutely short. This hamster also tends to more rounded.

There is two type of dwarf hamster that popularly pet at home. It is Winter White and Roborovski. Both Winter White and Roborovski has white hair but Roborovski has darker.

So, which one is better to keep between Winter White or Roborovski? To pick one of them, we will take you to analyse and find some conclusion which one is better to keep. Here is some their fact as your consideration.


  • The fastest dwarf hamster

In the fact, even has small body Roborovski prove that small thing can also move fast. By another dwarf hamster type, Roborovski did as the fastest dwarf hamster. This is unique but also make the owner hard either because by their fast moving, it is hard to watching and manage them.

  • Their character when meet human

Roborovski tends to hide from human. They living in the small hall which is the goal is to avoided human. Even tough, they are scared for human and will not bite you.

  • Their long life-span

Roborovski can living for 2-3 years old.

  • Habitual life

Talk about habitual life, Roborovski tends to live colony. They are can living in a group and all hamsters on that colony can does something together. One does something, it will follow by other.

  • Plus and Minus to pet this type

Plus thing that you will get when pet Roborovski is log life-span which is you can enjoy your time with them longer. 2-3 years old is enough to see them has child and building a family. Minus things that you will earn while pet Roborovski is, this is unsuggestable for beginner who never pet hamster before. Beside beginner, Roborovski also unsuggested pet for child. That’s because their fast moving that makes you hard to control them. Ah not to control, even hold him is feeling so hard. Roborovski also unsuggested type for you who want to raise hamster for farm because this species hard to be breeding. Their fertilisation happened in outside body so that’s hard to breeding.

Winter White

  • Their long life-span

Unlike Roborovski, Winter White has shorter long life-span which is they just have 6 months old until a year. This type usually live in Siberia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia.

  • Habitual life

Different with Roborovski who tends to be shy toward human, Winter White hamster tends to more friendly. They didn’t scare with human but they are freaking easy to be tame. If we comparing with Suriah Hamster, Winter White tamer than them. Unfortunately, Winter White has high risk to diabetes, so be careful if you want to feed them with carbohydrate dish.

  • Plus and minus to pet this type

Plus things that you will earn when pet Winter White Hamster is their treatment didn’t hard enough which is mean that their treatment isn’t far away like another hamster. Another word, if we talk about treatment Winter White has standard style. Winter white hamster almost didn’t have special treatment needed so it is beginner friendly. Minus thing that you would earn while pet Winter White is their long-life span is relatively short. As pet owner, during six months until a year is really short time to playing with out pet.

The Conclusion

Now we already on conclusion point to picking which one is better to keep between Winter White or Roborovski. Here we go.

  • Both Winter White and Roborovski has their own positive and negative side to be pet at home. Which one is better is all depend to your necessary and preference. Did you love the ‘hard-touch’ one or the ‘calm’ one? As we know Roborovski is hard to touch because their fast movement. This type more suggestable for you who want to research about create something using hamster’s energy. It doesn’t mean that Winter White can’t be fast, it is about who is the fastest between these types.
  • If you know that you are still beginner or a parent that want to educate your child to pet something, Winter White is more suggestable. Beside they are ‘calm’, they didn’t scare of human so the kid’s habit that usually love to touch something will be well facilitating by this type.
  • Even Winter White and Roborovski has their own positive and negative side, it is suggestable to keep Winter White at home than Roborovski. That’s because pet animal that can really enjoyed is Winter White. Sometimes, it is hard to enjoying free time with uncalm pet that we want to touch. But Roborovski has short long life-span right? Dude, it doesn’t matter. As long as you can treat them well, give vaccine, bring them to the vet when there are sick, and feed them with quality food, unconsciously it will make their long life increased.
  • So, it means that Roborovski isn’t interested enough to be pet at home? It is not like that at all. Roborovski can controlled well if you can pet them since they were young so you can build their character, both of control their fast and their habitual scared of human.

That’s all something that we can tell you about which one better to keep between Whinter White or Roborovski. Both of them has their own speciality so it backs to your preference and character. Which one do you love?