8 Ways To Raise And Care For Newborn Hamster For Beginners

Some of the beginners always ask about this. How are the ways to raise and care for newborn hamster for beginners properly? Is it difficult? Below here there are several easy ways to raise and care for newborn hamster for beginners. The key to success is you should pay attention to what should you do and do not to do. Okay, let’s check these out.

1. The time of the birth.

This is your first time your hamster is pregnant. How to treat your hamster pregnant with a good way? You may read also this way. At this moment you have to know what date or time of the birth of the babies hamster. You can mark your calendar when the mother is pregnant until she is giving birth. The time of pregnant hamster is between 16 days to 23 days. For Roborovski hamster it will need a longer time than others hamster, it needs 30 days. Every type of hamsters it will be different of how much babies should be given by mother hamster. For Syrian hamster, it will give 6 to 25 babies hamster, and another type hamster such as the Dwarf hamster or Roborovski hamster, a mother only give 3 to 7 babies hamster.

2. Her mother needs extra fat and proteins

Make sure you have to prepare a clean cage that special for mother hamster to giving birth. Place the cage in a safe place with a good temperature, such as in your bedroom. Help your mother hamster to make a nest for its birthing. You can use tissue paper, blank printing paper, and wood shaving. Let your hamster make its nest and do not bother her until the birthing time. You just control the health of your pregnant hamster and feeding her with extra fat and proteins. Any of vegetables, boiled egg, dry corn, sunflower seeds and brown rice are good for hamster pregnant. This treatment you should do too after the mother is giving birth. She needs extra fat and proteins to produce milk for feeding its babies.

3. Do not bother the babies at least two weeks

The babies of hamster look like mice, their color is pink. After the mother is giving birth do not bother them at least for two weeks. In here you just check once a week of the fresh waters and their foods are completely ready as always. To keep them safer, you can move the cage away from any noises. Make sure there is no one predators could reach your hamster cage. However, besides the babies under two weeks old, do not clean the cage, the babies still weak now.

4. How to clean the cage properly

The babies hamster grow so fast, looks at them in 3 weeks. Their skin change to be darker. In this phase, you can clean the cage. First, gather all equipment that you needed; rubber hand gloves, hand shovel or large spoon, and a clean bowl or a new clean cage with wood shaving. Use your rubber gloves take away the babies hamster and put in a clean bowl with hamster bedding or you can move to another clean cage. Do not forget to moves the mother too. Make sure to put the bowl or the cage in the safe place and your eyes can reach them. You may read how to clean your hamster cage, these tips absolutely very easy for a beginner.

5. The growth of babies hamster

While the newborn babies born, they are weak, they have not any hairs, blind, and deaf. Their body has just a little bit grow. However, the babies hamster will grow fastest among the other newborn another animals. So, let’s check these out what will happen with the newborn babies day after day. Their first day to 5th day they are can not see and hear anything. However, while they are up to the 6th day until the 15th day their eyes are open, they can hear and they will learn how to walk. In this phase, their hairs will grow and they can eat and drink like their mother did.

6. Feeding the babies hamster

The mother hamster will teach their newborn babies to eat the food as mom did while in the age of between 7th to 10th days old. In here the babies also learn how to use their smell, how to know their food and the fresh water. So, you must do this; place the food in a food tray or bowl that can reach by them. Make sure to set the bottle (freshwater)  within 1 to 2 centimeters apart above the hamster bedding. Do not put the bowl with fresh water in it, your babies hamster will go down For the fresh water bottle it will be good if you have another one for the babies hamster only.

7. Separate the babies on the right of their gender

Within 3 to 4 weeks you as the owner can separate these babies on the right of their gender.  How is the way to find out the babies hamster, female or male? Place a plastic bag, make sure the hamster is between 21 days old to 28 days old. Throw in a hamster in a plastic bag, do not tie the plastic back, you should fold it little. This way to keep the hamster is not run away. After that, look at the back of the hamster body, if there are two holes that far away, this is the sign of the male. However, if there are two holes that closed, this is a sign of a female. Separate the babies or young hamster in the different clean cage. This is the safe way to avoid them from mating.

8. The cycle of hamster

The life cycle of the hamster is the shortest amongst another animal. It just needs 1 month to growth for a newborn hamster. With above easy ways to raise and care for a newborn hamster for a beginner, you will have lots hamster baby in a good condition. Make sure you have to take care of them in a good way, treat them with good supplies both food and vitamins also to keep their cage clean as always. With the right way, you will not face any problem such as the mother hamster eat her own baby. Notice this, hamster just have two to three years to live, their life is short. This short life cycle of a hamster, please to know and learn it. This is the basis to raise and care for the hamster .

Hopefully, above easy 8 ways to raise and care for newborn hamster for beginners should be useful for you. The newborn babies hamster really growth fast within 2 weeks you can see how the babies are growing. So, please rise and care them with properly. You should be a great breeder of a hamster.