5 Facts About Hamster Breed That You Should Know

Hamster. This cutie animal that popularly pet at home has uniquely thing about their breeding. Did you ever imagine with their mini size, how they can breed and pregnant well and carrying more than three babies in their womb? It is really amazing, right? If we compare it with us human, we are nothing fellas.

Actually, it is hard to make differences between male and female hamster but it doesn’t mean that they can difference. The easiest way to know which one is male and female hamster is by looking something like hole that place on under their body. This hole is placed on their lower stomach between their two feet. This hole is prominent so when you touch it you will feel the texture and the holes are two. For male hamster, the prominent hole tends to far apart but the female hamster has near prominent hole.

Back to the topic, here are some facts about hamster breed that you to know. This information isn’t only for the hamster farmer but it also useable for you who want to pet hamster for a long time and wants to caring it until it breeding. So here we go.

  • Long life span

Basically. Hamster has long life span. With 2-4 years span, it puts hamster to amazing animal because it is rarely found that mini animal has life span with long categorized. Hamster with longest life span is dwarf hamster.

  • Highly breeding intensity

By their mini size, who can guess that hamster has brutally sex life. By supporting environment, you can make the dwarf hamster breed year-round without no stop. They can breeding on day and night as long as the environment support them. Uniquely, you can design the baby’s sex using temperature heat playing. If you setting the temperature tends to warm, the male baby will much than female baby. But if you setting the temperature into cold, then the female baby will tend to out much than male baby.

  • Much baby produced

Because of their long-life span and their breed-habit that highly intensity, it causes much baby hamster produced. Also, per breeding time, hamster can produce 6-10 babies. Wow it much than cat baby, right?

  • Short pregnancy time

Dwarf hamster mom able to giving birth after 5 weeks. But it is not the right time to giving birth because the embryo didn’t growth well yet. So, for you who pet this kind of hamster make sure that you wait it until 3 months after fertilisation process.

  • Baby eating

In the fact, hamster tends to eat their baby. This habit can we found easily in cat but did you know that hamster can do this thing? The hamster will not eat their baby after the baby growth at least 7 days old. To protect the baby, make sure to watching them properly.

Whoever you are both hamster farm or just hamster mom, you need to know about the fact how hamster breed. It is also highly suggested for you who pet a couple hamster which is they can breed some times without you know. It is matter for you to know their breeding-habit not only to prepare yourself but also prepare the equipment to treat the baby.

By their breed-habit, you can make schedule and setting the environment. You can make the environment so support their breed or to limiting their breed. Also, you can know about which one hamster that highly heat or not.

For reach quality breeding breed the good quality male and female hamster will help you a lot. Baby’s quality depend of their parents gives. The good will give good. But this formula didn’t work for hamster that infected any disease that cause broken embryo when it still in the womb. That’s why you need to vaccine them to make sure that their immune is pretty strong to smash any disease which try to infect them. It may small thing but it surely has big effect. Technically, all life creature need protection.

Technically, playing with this new experience towards hamster breed-habit will increase your knowledge about hamster. Don’t be afraid of something you never did before cause it may will be your great teacher.