Which holiday plants are toxic to cats? cat owner must know

For our dear readers out there, and for our loyal viewers, we say to you our sincerest happy holiday, merry Christmas and happy new year. We wish you to have a merriest Christmas and we wish your holiday to run smoothly without any hassle. If you are our dear readers and have been following our website for a while, you might already know that we are an animal care website that is striving to provide every pet owner in this world with reliable information. In this holiday occasion, we would like to give you holiday articles related with your pets guidance, and pet information. Now, let’s start on our today article shall we?

So for today, we are going to talk about cats especially how to take care of your cats during holiday times. During holiday times, it is not Christmas if you don’t decorate your home with Christmas decorations such as Christmas tree, holly, mistletoe and many other plants or décor that are winter holiday traditions. However, about winter holiday plants, there are many plants that are actually pretty dangerous and poisonous if your cats accidentally ingested these plants. When your cats ingested these plants, there are many dangerous and even severe symptoms that will cause your cats from simple vomiting, nausea to even more severe gastrointestinals problem and even can cause death of your cats. If you don’t want an accidental visit to vet clinic during your holiday times, best to make sure you are aware of these plants and make sure to keep some of these plants away from the reach of your cats. So, Which holiday plants are toxic to cats? cat owner must know and be aware of these plants during winter holiday festivities.

Toxic holiday plants for cats that should be aware of and avoided

When Christmas time come, many region especially Europe have tradition to décor their home with selections of winter holiday decoration plant such as Holly and mistletoe. Gift flower such as lilies and daffodils are also common during this time. However you might not aware of but some of these holiday plants can be dangerous for your pets and even deadly if ingested. So, for the sake of awareness, here are some example of dangerous and toxic holiday plants every cat owner should know and must be aware of.

  • Holly and Mistletoe

Holly and mistletoe are one of the most famous holiday plants, and it is very common to see one of these plants in every household during Christmas. However, many didn’t know that these plants are actually very dangerous if ingested by your cats. It leaves, dried plants and berries can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and even death if ingested in large amount. Emergency vet visit is needed if your cat is ingesting these plants accidentally.

  • Peace lily

Well, a peace lily is common houseplant but this plant is not exactly a winter holiday plants or Christmas décor plant. However, these plants are also common flower gifts that many household have. Due to the high amount of calcium oxalates, this flower is highly toxic for cats and can be dangerous if ingested.

  • Ornamental Pepper

Ornamental pepper is a pepper with bright colored, varied in color and didn’t taste as well as bell pepper or cayenne pepper. Human can eat this pepper, although not very delicious however if cats ingested this pepper, it can lead to many problems for cats. Not only cats, but dogs could also have a stomach problem if ingested this pepper and it could lead to severe gastronomic issues that need intense veterinary care.

  • Amaryllis

This pretty flower may looks  really beautiful and enticing, but it can be very toxic and dangerous for pets. All part of its flower is toxic but the most potent one is the bulb of this flower. Make sure you keep this flower away from your cats and dogs.

So, did we answer you on Which holiday plants are toxic to cats? cat owner must know and be aware of? So if you have any other suggestion and comment, feel free to share your opinion in our comment section so we could always be better in the future for the sake of everyone here.