5 Easy Ways To Stop Cats From Lying In The Litter Box

Have a cat as your pet is one of the best thing for a happy and warm situation in your house. This is because cat knows how to entertain people, and they can give the warm feeling for you. But sometimes, they might show some strange thing to us as the owner. One of the strange thing is when they lie in the litter box.

Here is the article to help you stop cats from lying in the litter box. How to Make a Homemade Cat Litter Easily is also a great reference to make a good homemade cat litter easily. These are some easy ways to stop cats from lying in the litter box:

1. Prepare the comfortable sleeping place

Provide your cat with different comfortable and safe sleeping surfaces and place them in strategic places at home. The sleeping place that they may like, such as little-traveled corners or high spaces. In order to do this, placing several cardboard boxes or blankets on secure shelves can be an excellent solutions that will make your cat stop lying in the litter box. Reasons Why You must Never Let Your Cat Sleep in Your Bed is considerable to read because it explains the effect of cat sleep in your bed.

2. Set a Schedule

Set a regular sleep schedule, and follow the schedule. Cats are like children, both tend to adhere to the schedule. Getting a regular sleep schedule is the first step to managing your sleeping time. Form a routine bedtime pattern. Cats are friendly animals and always thirst for attention and affection from their owners. If possible, wake up in the morning and sleep at night at approximately the same schedule. This will help cats adjust to your schedule, and increase the likelihood that cats can wake up and sleep according to your schedule. Turn off the lights at certain times. Darkness is a sign for cats to sleep. However, remember that cats also like to hunt at night, so actually the dark atmosphere does not necessarily help him to sleep.

3. Setting a Sleep Location

Prepare a separate room for your cat. If possible, close your bedroom door at night. Cats will be very difficult to sleep because he rarely sleeps for eight full hours. This will be dangerous for you because cats may bite and scratch due to your movements during sleep. Keeping cats away from your bedroom at night is the best way, while at the same time giving an impression to cats that your bed is not the place. Leave your room door closed during the day too. Cats are territorial animals. The more access to certain places, the more the cat thinks that the place belongs to him, so you have trouble driving him away when you want to sleep.

4. Create a specific resting place for your cat

If you feel you have a place to sleep, cats will usually not take your place. Cats take refuge in comfortable places, surrounded by toys, places to eat, food, and beds. Setting a comfortable sleeping area for your cat means giving him a place at night, so that the cat won’t disturb your sleep. 3 Ways to Train Your Cat to Sleep in Her Own Bed will help you make your cat sleep on its own place.

A high resting place is the ideal choice, because cats are natural watchdogs and like to see wide views. Bunk beds for cats are available at online stores or pet stores, and can be a good choice because it is convenient to be a place to rest while giving your cat the chance to climb to a high place. Cats need more than one place to sleep, so provide several choices for them. Many pet stores sell expensive beds, even though a pillow and blanket are usually enough. Place the bed that your cat likes around the house, in corners that you think is good for being a bed for your cat. How to Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep at Night can help you to get a better sleep.This signals the cat that these are places he can use to sleep.

Cats prefer to sleep in places that they feel are safe because they are vulnerable at that time. Provide a quiet shelter at home, especially hidden places, such as behind or under household furniture. As mentioned earlier, cats feel that the place belongs to them if there are belongings around them. Arrange a place to rest that is close to the food, water, the place to dispose of the water, and the toys, so that the cat knows that this is the place for him.

5. Place a deterrent near the door of your room

If your cat keeps trying to get into your room at night, there are several ways to prevent this behavior. Arrange a number of things that are uncomfortable for cats, or something that can bother them, so cats will not usually approach your room door to cry and scratch it. Place an object in front of a room door, for example a vinyl carpet that is reversed so that the rough, bumpy parts face up, double-sided tape, or aluminum sheets. This unpleasant surface will make your cat not want to get close and disturb you at night.

Put cat traps. Hang your hair dryer on the door handle or place a vacuum cleaner at a distance of 1.5-2 meters from the door. Connect the hair dryer or vacuum cleaner to a control button, which can be purchased online or in electronic stores, and when your cat starts meowing or scratching the door, turn on the devices. The sound of the device is very annoying for cats, and usually cats will not return after that.

Here are some other tips to overcome your cat’s problem:

  • Playing is a great way to help cats sleep, but remember that cats like toys that vary. Different toys are the ideal way to keep your cat playing.
  • Hide toys and foods that have a strong smell around the house before you sleep. Your cat likes the challenge of finding his favorite food and toys, because it approaches his behavior as a hunting animal in the wild.
  • Many people choose catnip as a way to attract cats before bedtime, but this is not the best choice. Many cats actually get excited, playful, and full of energy after eating catnip, and can even be aggressive towards other animals.
  • Cats like to nest in a warm place, so provide plenty of soft and soft material as a comfortable bed for your cat.

You need to be aware of your cat’s behavior, so that you can train them to do a good things only. Once you find out anything that bad for your cat, you need to stop it.  Tips to Keep Your Cat Happy Playing Indoors is a good article in order to keep your cat happy. If you want to stop cats from lying in the litter box, you need to be patient and also consistent. This article help you to get the right information to overcome your cat’s bad behavior.