Will Dog Miss You when You are Gone on Vacation?

Christmas, one of a massive holiday for people around the world is coming. Did you know, people that’s in such a long time, there are animals that associated with Christmas. You might recognize one of the most iconic Christmas animal which you have often seen as ornament in every place during the season, the reindeer. You might don’t notice that there are other famous Christmas animals around the world that people always relate to this happy day such as goats, roosters, and robins.

Like robin that became a symbol of Christmas, those other animals – in different belief, tales, and tradition are also associated with Christmas for decades of human history. However, this day is a perfect time to get refreshing from the business of job; a perfect time to release all of the stress we got from our daily routine. I believed, many of you, my dear friends, are already plan for a vacation during the long holiday. The vacation thing is always an serious matter if you have dogs.

Of course, owning dog is the most delightful moment as owners, and that is why we would rethink about the idea to leave dog for a vacation. As you might understand, dog is an intelligent creature, they were able to expressed certain emotions they felt and we as human have the ability to recognize dog’ expression. This fact make us a little bit worry to leave our girls (dogs) in long period of time. But, however, don’t you curious will dog miss you when you are gone on vacation?

It’s a normal thing for people to miss someone closer with them – especially, if we don’t see that person in such a very long time. But, does this emotion apply to dog? Did you beloved girl would miss you if you leave her for the vacation?

Will your Dog would Miss you?

There are several things that you need to understand associated with what dog might feel when you leave them alone for a while. Therefore, it is the right time for you to learn new things about your dog during your absence.

What would the Dog Think in Your Absence

You might don’t know about this; apparently, some research had been performed due the observation of dog’ mental state changes on owners’ absence (go to vacation in short period of time). It’s been part of your dog daily routine to interact with you on events in day time, such as walks, feeding time, and treats. For the first moment of your absence, your dog might be realize there’s something unusual that happened, but your dog would not associate this event – emotionally to you.

Then, in a longer time, your dog might exhibit some changes of emotion; they would become more anxious and stress for the changes that occurred during your absence. Do your dog aware that you are not there? Most certainly yes, people. But what do they really think in the exact moment is still mysterious. Well, I guess no one would know exactly what dog’ thinks – unless you are Dr. Dolittle.

Do Dog Aware of the Time?

A study reviled a result that dog do feel the time but it’s totally different than what people perceive. Using the MRI, a simple test was performed: a dog vigorously greeted its owner after approximately about two hours than just thirty minutes. The result was still the same for two and four our next; so, what is that mean?

This test show us that through the short period dog is perceived extended of the time-frame. But, the time-frame was circling on two to four hours; so, how dog would perceive several days’ notion apparently still unclear.

The Dog’ Breeds

Apparently, the level of emotional within your dog was also influenced by the breeds itself. A loyal dog that have a natural strong bond connection with the owner would impact more than the breeds of dog that are more independent. Some examples of the loyal dogs are German shepherd and Collie, and the independent breeds was included Alaskan malamute, Terrier, and Harrier.

So, how your dog would miss you is totally depended on how strong the bond that both of you had been built. But, however, the dog would always feel that you are her world. Therefore, it isn’t a surprise anymore how she would extremely please to able see your face again. The conclusion is yes, my friends, your beloved girls are able to feel the emotion of missing you.