Where to Leave Dog when You Go on Holiday?

The season of holiday is coming and I bet many of you already arranged a vacation for you and your family. Yes, not very long from now, the whole world would celebrate one of most the biggest celebration of all year: the Christmas day! The atmosphere of Christmas would be feel – especially if you live in the western side of the world. There’s so many things about Christmas that make everyone excited, and of course, there’s a lot of tales and fun facts surrounding this special day.

One of the topic from others was the Christmas animal. Like the Easter that have always been associated with a Jack Rabbit, apparently, there’s an animal that have always been associated with Christmas, can you guess it? I will give you a clue: this animal was the one and only transportation that used by the most popular uncle in Christmas tale: the Santa Clause. Can you get it now? Yes, the reindeer! But, hold on, apparently there are other famous Christmas animals around the world you need to know, such as roosters, robins, and goats.

There’s a lot of reasons why these particularly animals became the symbol of Christmas (often time, it is associated with the folk’s tales in every each region and tradition). Well, although this season always bring us joy and happiness, apparently, there’s also a problem that following the holiday – especially for all the animals’ owners. The one and only problem is where you must leave your beloved pet? Actually, this issue would always get me too whenever I have to go somewhere for few days because I have a pet cat in my house.

Today, my dear friends, we would talk about one of human best friends, the dogs. I’m absolutely understand your anxiousness about leaving your dog in several long days alone. All the thought of feeding the dogs: can your dog eat properly while in your absent – especially knowing that there are some poisonous holiday plants that that only came out on specific holiday like this time, Christmas, and others. Owning dogs is not a simple thing. Therefore, now, we would give you some ideas – which is totally saved – on where to leave dog when you go on holiday.

Your Own House

Wait… “How could I leave my dog in my own house while I am about to go vacation?” I bet that is the first though you would think of. Yes, it might sound a little bit odd, but try to think again: where is most the safest place for your dog to stay if is not his own house? Yes, you are right, the problem is you wouldn’t be there to stay with your dog and take care of him, aren’t you? The, the only things to solve is looking for the caretaker!

Actually, there’s so many people used this method – but, of course, it would be much better if you ask for help from familiar people that your dog recognized which also you know them well. It’s for the safety of your house (from stealing and etc) and your dog. The advantage of this method is: first, you are giving the access for your dog to keep an eye on your house in your absent. Some people let the caretakers to live in the house, but some prefer the caretakers to leave after their job is over.

Which one you choose, it’s absolutely your decision, my dear friends.

The Pet Sitting

The second option on where to leave dog when you go on holiday is the pet sitting. Just like its name, the pet sitting was made on purpose to taking care of the pets (not only dog) while their owners was in boarding for job or for a vacation. All you need to do is searched for the pet sitting near your area and bring your dog there before you go to on the vacation.

You don’t have to worry anything about your dog, because of the pet sitting was hired professionals sitter to look after your dog. This place has proper and comfortable environment for your dogs, good quality of foods, plus the playground. All the need of your dog would be very guarantee in this place.