How to Clean Dried Cat Urine on Your Carpet


Hello there fellow cat lovers!. How is you and your cat doing? Hope you guys always be healthy and happy forever and ever!. Hey, did you guys have ever caught your cat peeing on your carpet?. Yeah that soft comfortable carpet is an favorite target for your cat to pee on. Look at that surface, fur, and warmness, surely no cat could not resist on peeing that carpet everytime she wants to mark it right?. Yeah that soft comfortable carpet is going to be her and her and no cat dares to stay on it. Yeah, that carpet is officialy her territory now.

Writer remember a story of a friend, who told writer how almost everyday her cat peed on the carpet. He said there is no day for the cat without peeing on it. He tried to clean and wash it everytime the cat peed on it, alas the cat still love peeing on there. Yeah his adorable cat looks like has turn into annoying pee machine. He said to writer that he could not bear it anymore and wants to let his cat to live outside the house, but writer warns him that his cat might gone and not comeback, also his cat might be different than before as she feel punished; once cat feel punished, she will act differently than before. After writer said that, he held back and decided to deal with the carpet everyday, or he will try to not use any carpet inside his house so his cat will pee on litter box instead.

Well, looks like writer’s friend will have a hard day if writer let him to wash his carpet everytime, writer knew that this guy could not live without slacking off on the carpet, which is why writer decided to surf the net finding some info about a potent why to clean and wash up cat’s pee stain, especially dried cat’s pee stain, on a carpet. Animallova would like to give you the best potent easy tips on how to clean the carpet, nothing hard, but might be it requires you to sacrifices a little dip of your pocket. So, be prepared, read carefully, and check it out!.

Before Going to It, Better Read Some Prevention Advice First, Right?

Well, a wise man said said that “Prevention is better than treatment.” So, before you guys read about washing your carpet until all of that dried pee stain gone once for all, then it is better for you to understand about preventing your cat to pee on your carpet ever again.  However, make sure you have already prepared some ingredients that could be truly useful later on which are :

  • Ezymatic Cleaner
  • Catnip
  • Litter box

First of all, we need to make sure that your cat has recognized her litter as her territory. You could start by bringing your cat into the litter box directly, and you could also add some catnip on it so your cat will get comfortable inside the box, hence she will regards the litter box as her territory, pyuusss peeing on it.

Also to make sure your cat does not pee on your carpet, you could spray your carpet with Ezymatic Cleaner. The spray might be quite expensive but the result is worth it. Not only the spray could eliminate every bit of urine drop, but it also has a particular agent that will make your cat never pee on your carpet ever again. Great solution right?.

Cleaning The Dried Stain

If your cat already peed on your carpet, then it is the time for you to read this article carefully as you might get a great information about cleaning up the stain properly and once for all. However, first thing first, you must understand you need to have the passion and the financial support for it. Without proper financial support and passion, you will give up even before washing the carpet.

First of all make sure you able to absorb as much urine as possible, we recommend you to use paper towel to absorb all of it. Make sure you rub the carpet until there are no urine liquid left on your carpet. Do not let the liquid stay on your carpet for a long time, as you might will regret it later, as if you do, the urine will start to smell and the odor shall invade every corner of your house.

After that you must prepare to kill possible odor on it. You could use baking soda for it. Please prepare these ingredients :

  • 1 cup crushed, dried herbs (rosemary, southernwood, lavender, etc.)
  • 1 teaspoon ground cloves
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda

Then sprinkle all of the ingredients on the pee site (especially carpet) let them sink and do the job for at least  20 minutes. Congratulations, you have successfully eliminating all of the foul odor to emerge and invading your house.

However, the job is not done yet ; you must wash the carpet quickly. You could use the laundry service to clean it up for you, or you could wash it yourself. The washing is served as a way to eliminate every bacteria left from your cat’s urine. So, don’t wait too long and kill all of those bacterias immediately.

Then, the last thing you mus do is to make sure your cat will never pee on your carpet ever again. Once again, you must use enzymatic cleaner for it. As enzymatic cleaner literally eat every single drop of pee stain, assuring that there will be no bacteria survivors left. So you could slack off on your carpet without worrying the pee’s bacteria.

Also, enzyme cleaner will help you to prevent future accident. As your cat will hate the particular agent that comes from that spray. Hence, she will leave your carpet forever and peeing on her litter box forever.

Well, that is all fellow cat lovers!. It is indeed annoying for us if our cat keep peeing on the carpet, but not again. As you already know what to do if such tragedy happen. Remember, don’t punish your cat or you will regret it forever. Just simply, teach them passionately and love cat always. Good luck!.

*Meow away