7 Outstanding Animals with the Best Memory

Humans are known as the most intelligent creature among all the animals on earth. All of the humans have made wonderful progresses in the field of science and technology.

However, do you know that some animals are also smart and have good memory? They have sharp memory as they can remember people’s faces for ages or they can hold a grudge forever.

Are you curious of the animals which have the best memory? Here they are, the 7 outstanding animals with the best memory.

  • Dolphins

Dolphins are smart animals as they win an award of having the longest memory in the animal kingdom. Not only having the longest memory, but they are also considered as one of the smartest animal in the world. Check the complete list of smartest animals on earth.

You may see some dolphins are trained to do all sorts of tricks in marine parks since long time ago. This is the one which leads a very special bond between humans and dolphins.

Some biologists also have reported that dolphins have the longest memories among the other animals. According to their studies, Bottlenose dolphins, one of dolphin species in the world, have been able to remember the sound of the other dolphins over a period of 20 years. For your information, each dolphin has a distinctive and unique whistle sound.

  • Whales

Whale is another sea creature that has the good memory. Many fishermen even reported that whales are able to recognize their boats even after a long time.

Whales are also known to migrate along the same routes for several years. When the water is colder, they will head south in the winter. To find their way through the ocean, they require a good memory.

  • Elephants

These big animals are also known as one of the animals which has good memory. Elephants are reported to be able to remember the face they have ever seen.

Surprisingly, elephants can also keep track of 30 individuals at one time. Some scientists also have found that elephants are able to keep a map of all the water holes in their area, so that they always know where to go to get water.

Elephants are having their brains a lot of bigger than us how-smart are the elephants? It is also a fact that elephants create a mental map in their brain and locate the position of their friends and family members.

They do this by keeping the scent of the pee in their mind. By the scent of the urine, they record the position of their friends and family members in their brain.

Not only that, elephants can remember humans too. They even remember human abusers several years afterwards and they hate the smell of people who sometimes slaughter them.

  • Horse

Horses are strong and sport loving mammals which have an excellent memory. Many owners have claimed that their old horses can even remember them after several years of separation.

Some research have also backed up these claims. They also live by making their own community and have strong capacity to remember each of the members in the community.

Pet horses which also live in captivity also share strong bonding with their masters even after a long time being separated. They will still remember their old human friend.

  • Dog

Dogs are also popular as smart animals, and that’s why they are popular as pets at home. Many dog owners will agree that dogs have good memories. That’s why humans can train dogs a lot of tricks and ways to behave well.

Just take a look at service dogs. They are able to assist police officers if they are not able to remember a lot of stuffs. They are also able to recognize their owners even after a very long time.

Dogs are really smart and have good memory. That’s why even wild dogs can be trained! Find the ways on how to train wild dog to be smarter.

  • Monkeys

Monkeys are very intelligent as they have very good memories. They are able to perform complicated tasks and remember what they learn as well. They have been tested and the result is they know to remember forms and signs.

They are also able to sort puzzles and things. These facts show that monkeys have at least some photographic memory. Some of them can also be taught a long list of hand gestures and signs so that they can communicate with humans.

There are several monkey species in Indonesia with their distinctive features.

  • Parrots

Parrots are birds which have long lifespan and good memory. Parrots can remember people for a very long time. They are also able to learn a whole list of words and they can distinguish from each other. There are several types of parrots. Get to know all of them with their amazing characteristics!