5 Differences between Siberian Husky and Malamute

Siberian husky and malamute share a lot of characteristics in common. They are both spitz breeds, a type of cold weather dogs bred to work hard, and both of them are smart. Both of these dogs are not only similar in appearance and most definitely could be seen as brothers. Besides, they are also very […]

5 Possible Causes of Sudden Aggression in Dogs

It is really frightening to be around an aggressive dog, isn’t it? It is even more frightening to be around a dog that is usually friendly but then suddenly becomes really aggressive, showing its teeth, growling and lunging. In an extreme case, the aggressive dog may bite or attack you or other family members it […]

6 Ways to Prevent Your Cats from Getting Diseases

Cats are great pets at home as they are believed to be able to provide emotional support, improve moods and contribute to the morale of the owners. Cats are great companions for humans too. Despite all the good things about cats, cat owners should also be aware that cats can get exposed to some diseases […]

6 Essential Nutrients Guinea Pigs Need to Stay Healthy

Guinea pigs are truly herbivores. They develop food preferences in the early stages of their lives and do not have any changes in food types. Sudden changes in their diet may result in refusal to eat. The most important aspect in their diet is vitamin C. Apart from that, they just need unlimited amount of […]

5 Common Types of Lizard in Desert You Need to Know

Desert is full of amazing animals with the outstanding adaptations. Let’s take a look at the list of specific kind of desert animal you must know. Can you imagine them surviving in a very hot and dry environment? One of the noticeable creatures in desert is lizard. Desert lizards are cold-blooded reptiles, but they are […]

4 Common Signs of Dehydration in Reptiles

Water is truly important to all human beings, both humans and animals. It is considered to be the most important nutrient in animal nutrition. You can also see As for humans, any animals that have lack of water will have dehydration, including reptiles. It can also be experienced by hamsters and cats. You may also […]

5 Common Causes of Hair Loss in Guinea Pig

Hair loss in guinea pig can be serious and scary. If you’re lucky, you will notice some excessive shedding or obvious bald spots on your fur baby’s body. Diagnosing and treating hair loss in guinea pig are considered easy. However, there are some exceptions regarding to the hair loss in guinea pigs. Firstly, guinea pigs […]

Tricks on How to Get your Cat Closer to your Dog

Cats and dogs, can they be friends? One thing for sure about cats and dogs are they are lovely pets! Cats are aloof and easily startled while dogs are territorial animals. If you’re looking at the two distinctive characteristics of these two lovely pets, you might think that they will never be able to share […]

7 Interesting Ways on How to Keep your Dog Active Indoors

Keeping your dogs active is a key to maintain good health both for you and your dog. Most of dog owners like to bring their dogs outside to keep them active. However, it will be quite difficult when it comes during winter. Winter months can be very hard to keep your dog active, so it […]

7 Common Skin Diseases a Guinea Pig may Have

Guinea pig is a popular choice for pet lovers, as it is an easy mammal to care for. It does not require a lot of money for its maintenance. However, due to its low-maintenance, some people may take advantage of it with negligence and bad hygiene. As a result, the guinea pigs are exposed to […]