Common Personality Traits of Female Cockatiels

If you are thinking about a pet, cockatiels must be perfect for you. Being nicknamed as America’s most favorite bird, this smaller-species of parrot family has a sweet personality yet attractive-colored feathers that will make you instantly fall in love with them. Talking about personality, female cockatiels and male cockatiels do have some significant differences. […]

How to Take Care Your First Cockatiel Healthy

The cockatiel is a lovable, intelligent bird which you must want to add into your family member. However, before deciding to pet this happy, social small-crested members of the parrot family, you should know the guides on how to take care your first cockatiel healthy. Here are some guides to help you learn what your […]

4 Steps to Pet Cockatiel Bird for Beginners at Home

Are you planning to take a cockatiel as your pet or have you just brought cockatiel home and added this beautiful bird to your family? Being a social, lovable, and intelligent bird, the cockatiel is perfect to be taken home as a pet or even as your friend. However, if this is your first experience […]

5 Facts of Cockatiel as the Most Favorite Pet Bird

If you are wondering what pet to take care of, cockatiel might be perfect for you. Cockatiel becomes the second most favorite pet in the USA because this bird is considered as a great companion that will please you without any reasons. Moreover, with their beauty, sweet temper, and charming personality, cockatiels melt anyone’s heart […]