10 Home Remedies For Diarrhea In Rabbits

Could rabbits get diarrhea? Indeed, yes. However, before you give them with some oral medicine. You could give them some home remedies, below here are some home remedies for diarrhea in rabbits that you should know. Let’s go and try it.

1. The Condition of the cage

Well, before you know what are the best home remedies to treat diarrhea in rabbits. It’s good if we know the cause first. Rabbits can get diarrhea because of three things, the type of food that is too runny (no fiber), the condition of the cage is dewy and stress. These three reasons are what causes your rabbit get diarrhea. Then, what is the solution? First, move the rabbit to another dry and clean cage. Give some sands as their bedding. This way to make you easier to clean the cage. It will save your time.

2. Your rabbit in stress

Stress is one of the three reasons your rabbit get a diarrhea. How come? Rabbit is an animal that always fear about something; the loud sounds, predators, children’s noise, etc. These are the reasons why they can be a stress. Some times, they do an aggressive behavior such as stomping their feet, standing on their feet and even the rabbit is screaming. Could we stop these aggressive behavior on rabbit? How to solve aggressive behavior in your rabbit? We can minimize these aggressive behavior in rabbit with take them in a place that quiet and away from any predators.

3. The general symptoms

So, what are the general symptoms of diarrhea in rabbit?  While rabbit got diarrhea, he will feel aggressive, his appetite is decreasing, the weight loss, even he is not eating. However, while your rabbit get a diarrhea you should know about the truth of diarrhea, check on their pups is it softer or normal? How to tell that your rabbit’s pee and poop normal? If their pups are normal, so your rabbit is safe. Otherwise, if you see their pup are soft, it is like pudding or soft blobs and it’s stick in your hair’s rabbit. So, your rabbit actually get a diarrhea.

4. Moves your rabbits

Is diarrhea an infectious disease? Actually no, but it would be better for rabbits to be temporarily separated from others (healthy rabbits). Quarantine rabbits in the next few weeks so that the feces does not stick to the food or their drink bottle. If there are feces on the food or drink bottle, the other health rabbits can get diarrhea. That is the reason why you should move your rabbit in another cage. Make sure the other cage is clean, dry and it has enough sunlight. For the food bowl and drink bottle, please use a new one.

5. Home remedies for rabbit diarrhea

There are home remedies for rabbit diarrhea, you could try this to cure your lovely ones. The first home remedy is guava leaves. Pick a few or take a few guava leaves and clean it. Give this to your rabbit who has diarrhea. Guava leaves are known to be effective as a home remedy that can stop diarrhea. This method has also been used by our ancestors. Alternatively, you can also use light green banana leaves and dried papaya leaves. By giving this every morning your rabbit can recover soon. What about drinks for diarrhea rabbits? Bond one teaspoon of salt into a bottle of drinking water. With this, the fluid in the rabbit’s body will remain stable.

6. Go to your vet

Well, your rabbit is getting worse. You have tried to give some home remedies to your rabbit but it is not work. It’s time to take him to the vet. If possible,  take few sample on your rabbit’s feces. With his, your vet will take your sample and it will be check on laboratory. Your vet will give the best treatment to your rabbit. Make sure to give all the information about your rabbit diarrhea. When the diarrhea occur in a rabbit? What you have done to give a treatment to your rabbit and else. However, what should you do if the rabbit keeps biting on you while you take him to the vet? There are several effective ways how to stop rabbit’s biting habit. Let’s try it ones.

7. Oral medicine

After your vet check your rabbit, it possibly your vet give a medical prescription. This oral medicine will help your rabbit and make rabbits heal faster. However, oral medicine is given to rabbits who have suffered severe diarrhea only. If it is not, just give the home remedies as the previous points. Besides the oral medicine, sometimes veterinarian gives a hydrating injection through your rabbit. It is used for maintain your rabbit keep hydrated. Finally, make sure you read the instruction well based on the oral medicine.

8. Changes the diet

Next of the home remedies for diarrhea in rabbits, you should change the diet with some fibers, such as hay, straw, and dried grass. For a while do not feed them with any vegetables, fresh vegetables have some water that could make the rabbit get worse. Try to mix some dried grass with guava leaves, your rabbit will be better soon as possible. Is it good to give some pellets to rabbit? Well, it is okay if the pellet has a very high in fiber. But if it is not, changes your diet turns to food in high fiber.

9. Your rabbit should eat and drink

Then, in this point make sure your rabbit keep eating and also drinking as well, why? Your rabbit will get loose of his stamina,  and dehydrated. He will get an anorexia and get a gas pain. However, how to help your rabbit with gas pain? Changes your rabbit’s diet, and take him to the vet. Do not let him get worse. Therefore, is there any causes a rabbit is not eating much? For more information let’s check it on this several  causes a rabbit not eating much but acting normal.

10. Recover the rabbit after diarrhea

Finally, what should you do after the diarrhea is done? Well, if the diarrhea in rabbit is done check it first their feces. If, your rabbit’s feces turns to normal again you could move him to his old cage. However, before you take your rabbit to move, feed your rabbit a vitamin. It is for maintain his system immune.

Hopefully, the above of several home remedies for diarrhea in rabbits could help you how to treat and cure them with some home remedies that easily found near you. This is an effective way to give them a first treatment to reduce their diarrhea. So, will not you try these? See, your bunny will get better soon.