The Benefits of Raising Broiler Chickens

Broiler Chickens has become an increasingly popular livestock choice to raise. Having multiple advantages, particularly for their meats, Broiler Chickens have high demands in the market. Though the demand of chickens overall in the market constantly sky rockets, breeders should do more research and find out that Broiler Chickens has their own advantages as well.

In fact, if you really took the time to do some research, the advantages of raising Broiler Chicken is almost as much as the advantages of raising Egg-Laying Chickens. Both types of chickens have their own benefits, so the either two are viable profitable options. So, without further ado, here lists the benefits of raising Broiler Chickens.

1. Simple and Minimalistic

Jump starting your own Broiler Chicken farm is not as intricate and difficult as one may think. In fact, it is a relatively low cost investment – financial and time wise – because all breeders would need to pay the most attention to is the initial pair they invest for reproductive purposes. The quality of the pair determines the overall health of their farm, so breeders must take the time to choose and do their research wisely.

Aside from the initial pair, other trinkets such as feed, vitamin supplements, medication, and living spaces should be taken into consideration too. Breeders should be able to facilitate the following needs in order to maintain and raise a healthy farm. Despite the quality and other things needed to be put into consideration, these initial investments are usually affordable and easy to access. In short, breeders do not have to put as much effort in starting said farm.

2. Profitable

As previously mentioned, the benefits of raising Broiler Chickens can be compared to the benefits of raising egg-laying Chickens. While Egg-Laying Chickens can be harvested for both their meats and eggs, Broiler Chickens have the advantage of their speedy growth spurt. Generally, Broiler Chickens grow large and plump at a speedy rate – allowing breeders to harvest them as soon and as quick as possible.

The market demand for chicken meat is always high and goes by quickly, so breeders would find the advantage of providing said chicken meat at a fast rate. This builds a sense of trust between the merchants and the customers – which would help regain loyal customers. With the speedy rate of profit, the initial investments breeders may have commit to previously would be paid back quicker than raising any other subspecies of chickens.

3. High Demands in The Market

As mentioned as well, the demand for chicken meat is always high in the market. In fact, some may argue that at this present times of late 2010s, health conscious people have been opposing to consume red meats and the market for white meats (such as fish and chicken) has exponentially grown. With the health conscious trends going on, breeders can benefit from the fad by raising as much good quality chicken meat as fast as possible.

Despite the assurance of profit, breeders should still manage the farm for quality control. Breeders must avoid harvesting Broiler Chickens with an overall low quality, as it could disappoint the market and leave a negative impression to your farm. Noted in the first point, investing of vitamin supplements and good quality feed could play a positive effect on the overall quality of the breeder’s harvest.

4. Marketed on a High Price

Despite the low maintenance care that is put into raising Broiler Chickens, breeders have the full authority to market the meats at a higher price. The politics behind this freedom lies between the community and responsible big business, so the authority is valid at a legal stance. Potential customers are willing to pay more for Broiler Chicken meat than any other meat, so breeders should use this advantage as a possible opportunity.

5. Sapronak is Given By The Government Authorities

Another advantage most Broiler Chicken farmers could have when raising their farm is the full support of the community. The livestock community works well with the country’s authorities, as these authorities would sometimes provide Sapronak compensations to local breeders. Sapronak, short for Sarana Produksi Peternakan, includes materials such as: healthy feed, vitamin supplements, and basic healthcare. This would be a great opportunity for breeders who may be limited on a budget and are not able to invest more than just an initial pair.

However, one thing that these breeders need to take into consideration, is that this facility follows a loaning system. This means that as soon as breeders have gained profit from their farm, they are required to pay the authorities back for the Sapronak compensations. Breeders should keep this in mind, and read the contract as thoroughly as possible to avoid any misunderstandings. When both parties agree on the legally-binded document, it is the breeder’s responsibility to commit and pay back as soon as possible.

6. Marketing is Done Together

If breeders decide to market their harvest to big companies, more often than not they would help you market them properly. Big companies with big connections can help breeders reach a wider set of audiences that would be interested with their harvest. With more help, breeders can regain a return of profit from their initial investments – making this the fastest and most profitable way to market their harvest.

7. Easy Feed

Last, and not least, Broiler Chickens would feed on anything. This fact alone can help breeders manage their expenses and opt for a more financially savvy option. Breeders, however, should consider that the quality of their farm’s feed plays a direct influence with the quality of their harvest – so spending a few more on good quality feed may actually be more financially savvy than feeding a farm exclusively cheap fast food. As mentioned, high quality harvest generates high profits.

This marks the end of the list of the benefits of raising Boiler Chickens. It is wise that breeders do more prior research than just this, in order to maximise the full potential of their farm. It takes patience and a lot of love to raise a healthy farm, so breeders must also prepare their mentality as well. We wish you the best of luck!