The Most Effective Ways to Make Broiler Chicken Grow Faster


If you already become the legit broilers businessman, then it is the time for you to become more profitable than before. Have you ever wondered how could you always resupply your customers without risking about being out of stock? Do you wonder why there are farmers who always slaughtered their flock of broilers everyday?. Thus making them always supplying their customers and they never run out of stock?. Do they have some kind of method to do that?.

Well the answer you are looking for is in the quick growth of broilers technique. The quicker your broilers growth the faster you will harvest them. Imagine having a broilers breed cycle that will make you always harvested your broilers everyday thus making you always in full stock condition. One flocks slaughtered, another flocks ready to be slaughtered tomorrow, and another flocks will be ready to be slaughtered the day after tomorrow, the rest of the flocks are growing waiting to be slaughtered. All of that will not be achieved if your broilers have a slow growth.

The only efficient technique to grow your broilers is to feed them efficiently. Not to overfeed them with giving them so much food and water supply thus making them “fat” and sick (There are many sly farmers who overfeed their flocks in order to have a fat flocks but in truth it only worsening it’s meat quality). Efficient feeding not only make your broilers grow faster but it would also help them regain a good quality meat. Not only that, efficient feeding will not make your broilers suffered from leg disorder such as lameness. Also, normally, a broilers would grow around 3 months but with proper feeding technique it could grow just in 2 months. This is surely the most effective ways to make your broilers grow faster.

There are 5 tips to feed your broilers efficiently. :

1. Avoid Hotspot in Silos

Silos is a dispenser for your broilers. You will simply pour the food into the silos, pour it to the feeders, and let the broilers eat it. However the problem with the silos especially the beginner or mediocre farmer is that they rarely clean the silos, letting it to covered in dirt and a molds would grow there. Especially in a warm area such as Indonesia, molds will easily grow in a warm and dirty silos. Molds will cause many toxic that will harm your broilers, if you rarely or even never clean your silos then be ready to face a plague among your broilers. So the first step to apply efficient feeding for your broilers is to clean your silos oftenly and make sure it does not get too hot, also avoid to place silos in a straight sun light area.

2. Avoid Feeders that Waste Food

A beginner or even mediocre farmer, would oftenly spend their cash to buy the cheapest feeders avalaible in order to save a little bit of money. But in truth, it’s just a fake temporal money saving. The real saving is when you able to use all the food without any waste thus making you save a lot of money and rarely resupply the food stock. Try to buy feeders that not only efficient but also effective, so not only you will maximize feeding system but also you will able to feed the entire flocks without making it a food fight. (If you buy a cheap feeders, broilers oftenly fight each others thus making the strong able to eat a lot and the weak only eat what’s left.)

3. 1 Hours Lights On, 1 Hours Lights Off

Do you know that broilers would keep feeding theirself with a lights on condition?. If this happens then they will not stop eating thus they will not give a chance for their digestive system to digest the food. Making your broilers overfeed and making them unhealthy, even it could cause a rotten gut to your broilers. So try to use a mechanism that allow your farm to be able :

  • 1 Hours Lights On

Time for them to eat and let them eat until they reach their own portion. They will love eating with the lights on for sure.

  • 1 Hours Lights Off

After feeding time is over, it is time for the lamp to turn off. It would help broilers to rest and let their digestive system to work optimally.

Keep this method every feeding time. Don’t waste your foods and don’t let your broilers overfeed theirself.

4. Avoid Overweight in Market Age

An overweight broilers would cost you the feeding efficieny, especially in market age. The heavy body weight will make you to increase their food portions. So the more weight your broilers has the more food you must give them. Thus making your food efficiency technique goes to waste. Not only that, an overweight broilers might be has more meat than others but the meat quality would be so awful and unhealthy. So it is better for you to keep the broilers weight in check.

5. Keep Your Broilers Healthy

Well efficient feeding would not be efficient if your broilers are sick. Not only that, if your broilers sick, then it would not only does not eat anything but it would also stop growing. Thus making your business unprofitable. So not only you must give them efficient food method but also you must give them protection towards disease. Just simply keep the farm clean, give your broilers some vitamins to increase their body immunity, and give them an efficient feeding.

In the end, if you have successfully give them an efficient feeding then be prepared that your broilers would grow faster than before and not only that it would also give them a proper weight thus making a good quality meat. Also remember once again, in broilers business you must have patient, passion, and luck. So be patient as everything would not be as expected, do it passionately so you will reach your expectation quickly, and good luck!.