10 Common Behavior Of Female Rabbit

Well, the last time you already learn about some aggressive behavior of rabbit, these behaviors are usually done by the rabbit. Now, what are the common behavior of female rabbit? How to recognize that your rabbit is a female? Below the following here, you will learn how to recognize that the rabbit is female and some common behavior of female rabbit before and the time the rabbit is pregnant.

1. Your rabbit is female

So, how to recognize your rabbit that she is a female? There are two ways how to recognize that she is a female. First, we can see it by the size of her body, her head and also her behavior. A female rabbit is quiet than a male rabbit, a male rabbit often has aggressive behavior than the female does. So, if you see the rabbit that likes to biting, the rabbit might be a male. There some effective ways to stop rabbit’s biting habit, do these tips on your male rabbit.

2. She has a big size

A female rabbit has a big size than the male rabbit, so if you see the rabbit that has a big body and the weight is more than the other, she is a female. How the female rabbit becomes bigger than the male rabbit? The reason is the fats on the female rabbit’s are lots than the male rabbit. While she becomes pregnant, her size is quite bigger than before.

3. The sign of a female rabbit

Do several these way, if you want to know the genital of your female rabbit. First, pick your female rabbit, the rabbit should in at less 4 months old. Take your female rabbit and hold her gently, then lay your rabbit. Make sure you have one or two assistants to hold your female rabbit.  Hold the head and ear and the legs of a female rabbit. In here you should see these signs if you see there are not any testicles, so your rabbit is a female. A female rabbit has not testicles and it is flat. Besides, the female rabbit has an adjacent distance between the anus and the genitals.

4. Her head is round

Next, to the female rabbit sign, she has a round head. How can be? We can see that rabbits are female or male, we can see them at their age at the age of three weeks old. Let’s look at your three-weeks-old rabbit, does your rabbit have a round head or oval head? If your rabbit’s head is oval, then your rabbit is a male, otherwise, your rabbit is a female. Just skipped at this point if you sure about the signs of her genitals.

5. She is not aggressive

Through the behavior, the female rabbit is not aggressive. The female rabbit loves to stay in her cage than jumping up and down around the backyard. The female rabbit loves to sit on the corner on her cage. What is the reason she sits on the corner of the cage? Well, this will make the predator in trouble to catch her. The female rabbit will stay safe from any predator. As the good owner of a rabbit, cover the back and the side of her cage covered with several blocks of the wood sheet.

6. The mate’s time

Before the mate’s time, several female rabbits do this thing, she takes a pee in one spot. This is a way to attract the male rabbit. What is the right time for a female rabbit to mating? It is between five or six months old.  While your female rabbit is ready to mate, take your female rabbit into the male’s rabbit cage. Make a note how many times they do the mate? If they already done in two or three times, take out your female rabbit and put her in her special cage. Your female rabbit will have the baby soon.

7. She turns to be aggressive

The next of the common behavior of a female rabbit, she will turn to be aggressive if she is already pregnant. So, as her owner, you should aware to take care of the mother rabbit. Do not put the mother rabbit with her mate in one cage. This both of rabbit could fight each other. So, you should separate the mother rabbit into the other cage. While she turns to be aggressive, she could bite you even her mates. This is one of the reasons why your rabbit keep biting you

8. Stress

Besides she turns to be aggressive, she will turn to be more sensitive even more she could stress. Well, this is the first time for a mother rabbit to has a baby. This is the reason she feels stress. She does not know how to be the right mother for their babies soon. We, as her owner should help her to make she is away from stress. How? Renew her bedding with dried grass or straw that make your female comfortable and turn on the dim light before night comes. Rabbit always fear of darkness, this is one of the tips on how to tame a fearful rabbit.

9. Digging a hole

Have you ever see the female rabbit is digging a hole? Yeah, this behavior is always done by a female rabbit. While the time of birthing is close, the female rabbit digging several holes. One hole to keep their babies and one hole for storing her foods. However? why does the female rabbit love to hide their babies in the hole? The reasons are the babies will save from any predators, the mother can nursing them as well without any trouble. She can focus to growth their babies. Sometimes, digging a hole can be a bad habit for rabbits. How can? Digging a hole under a fence is a way for rabbits to run away from home. What are the reasons a rabbit run away from home?

10. She has a big appetite

The last of common behavior of female rabbit is she eats lots of food. Well, she is in a big appetite now because she is pregnant. What should we do when she is pregnant? Make sure she has her fresh water in daily, make a food list, what is the best food for the pregnant mother rabbit. Keep the fats and nutrition of the mother rabbit as well. She really needs lots of fats and nutrition.

Hopefully, the 12 common behavior of female rabbit could be useful for you, rabbit lover. With these bits of knowledge, now you know how to treat the female rabbit with proper as the male rabbit did. May your female rabbit always healthy and so on.