Reasons Why You must Never Let Your Cat Sleep in Your Bed


Helllo there fellow cat lovers!. Everyday is a good day to pet your cat is it not?. Yeah cat always be there to relieve our stress and make us happy after a terrible day at the office or school. Shall God created such adorable creature thus we shall grateful for what God has created for us, a cat. Hence, we shall take a good care of our cat and make sure that our cat will always be happy and healthy. Because, loving a cat is not like loving a dog, it needs more than having a dog, it needs more passion, love, and even discipline to love a cat, which is why having a cat will be a great method to have a good independent attitude.

We love our cat so much. Writer love his cat so much. As writer would feed him, pet him, and play with him everyday. Writer now could not imagine the day that Memeng could not able to greet writer ever again. That day could be one of the most sorrowful day for writer definitely. No wonder, writer keep playing with her everyday. Well there’s something that writer could not done yet to Memeng which is to let her have a shelter and let her be safe always from any harm.

Yeah, Memeng is not allowed to enter writer’s house due to writer’s mom prohibit it. So, Memeng just live outside in the yard and sleep there. Oftenly she wandering around the neigbourhood and come back to the yard again for lunch time, then continue to wandering again. But sometimes, she was attacked by another cat who is larger than her. Sometimes she runs to writer’s house asking for backup to fight that other cat. If writer could allow her to live inside the house, such things will not happen and there are lots of thing that could happen in the house that could cheer writer up.

One of writer’s wishes if Memeng is allowed to live inside the house is writer and Memeng will finally able to sleep together. Yeah, because writer believe it is cute to sleep with our pet. Hugging her while we are asleep and petting her before we fall asleep. What and adorable moment that is definitely. Not only that, our cat could also become our alarm clock as cat who is bonded enough with her owner oftenly tend to wake her owner up in the morning in order to get a breakfast. Yeah, overall it is adorable things to do to sleep with our own cat.

When writer told one of our writer’s friend, that this sleeping with a cat thing is in truth a very bad idea. Well writer does not know if we should not bring our cat to our bed and let her sleep on it. Writer just thought it would be an adorable thing to do to sleep with our cute adorable cat right?. But, it was all wrong and writer should eradicate that dream and it is recommended to buy a particular bed for cat than letting your cat sleep on your bed, which is why today animallova would like to give you the Reasons Why You must Never Let Your Cat Sleep in Your Bed. Check it out!.

  • Litter Box Debris

Yeah, this is one of the reasons which is bring your cat into your bed will cause a very bad effect towards your bed hygiene. As your cat decided to poo and clean all of her poo with her tongue and burried all of her poo with her own paws, which obviously there will be poo debris that contaminated your cat’s paws. Therefore, when your cat is on the bed then be prepared that your bed has been contaminated by bacterias that were coming from your cat’s poo debris. Disgusting right?.

  • Allergies and Athsma

Clearly cat lovers does not have any allergy towards cat but when you get to much exposure towards your cat’s fur directly, especially when you are sleeping with her frequently, then be prepared to have allergy and even athsma that was caused by the fur. If you are become allergy to cat then you will lose your ability to love cat, obviously a cat lover does not want this to happens right?.

  • Parasites and Fungal Infection

Parasites and fungy are love to resided in cat’s body. As cat body is thick and good enough for them to breed in there, which is why if you are letting your cat to sleep in your bed, then be prepared that you might have a parasites and fungal infection later on.

  • Toxoplasmosis Infection

Toxoplasmosis is like AIDS for cat, as Toxoplasmosis infect cat’s immunity and let them exposed to any kind of disease, in other words, your cat will be easily get sick towards any disease. Not only that, Toxoplasmosis could also infect us, human. If you never regularly bring your cat to a vet, then you will never know if your cat having a Toxoplasmosis or not. Toxoplasmosis would be easily infect you, especially if you decided to sleep together with your cat everyday.

  • Could Harm Your Infant

If you are having a baby and letting your cat to sleep on the bed, it is obviously a stupid act to do. As cat might harm your baby by scratching or bitting the baby, and your baby will be exposed towards allergies and even other unbearable disease because of cat’s poo debris, parasites, and their fur are scattered all over your bed.

Well it is not to adoring to sleep with a cat especially when you already know all the risks right?. It is not good for our health and for our family members, which is why animallova will recommend you to buy a cat bed and let your cat sleep on it. It is better for you and comforting for your cat. Remember, love your cat always, and good luck!.