4 dangers of giving corn to your rabbit

Rabbit is animal pet which commonly keep at home. Their character which loves to socialize with human made them become friendly animal that safe for children. Also, their food treatment is easy and cheap. That is double advantages while you keep rabbit in your home.

As we know rabbit is herbivore animal which only eat some fruit and leaves like corn. Corn usually use for bunny diet to keep balancing their nutrition. Usually, the bunny which is under 9 months old will recommend to being diet and the main food id corn.

The rabbit owners are usually give the corn sweet. That’s because it is easy to looking for sweet corn. Beside the price is lower, rabbit more like over sweet taste than plain. General corn has harsh texture and the taste is plain so that’s why mostly rabbit will not eat the dish.

Even usually used for diet menu, did you know that corn is also dangerous for your rabbit? Well if you didn’t know, here is the information:

  • Sweetness food. Corn is included to sweetness food which unrecommend to rabbit. As we know that sweetness food is not good for rabbit. The glucose that contained inside corn will make dental caries moreover the kind of corn which usually chosen is sweet corn. Besides, their glucose will also impact their blood.
  • Digestion blockage system. Usually corn that give for rabbit is dry corn. Dry corn will be so harmful for their digestion. Dry food usually hard to be process inside their body. It would increase the dry corn blockage the digestion system. That’s make your rabbit constipated.
  • Watery food. As we know diet rabbit food usually cooked before give it to rabbit. Sweet corn usually boiled first before ate by rabbit. Boiled process will increase the water inside corn. Watery food is totally danger for rabbit because water that contained inside it will cause bloated in your rabbit.
  • Carbohydrate is harmful for rabbit. Actually rabbit can’t eat something that contained carbohydrate. Too much carbohydrate will settles inside digestion system of rabbit. Again, that settles will blockage the digestion system and moreover caused inflammation. So did you still giving corn for the rabbit?

Other information that you should know about corn and rabbit

Even has dangerous impact for rabbit, in the fact corn is still has positive side for rabbit. To increase your knowledge, here the advantage giving corn to rabbit:

  • Additional nutrition. Can’t decline that corn also supply complete nutrition that needed by rabbit like some vitamins and mineral. That’s why corn used for diet menu.
  • Increase the immune. Vitamin C that contained on corn will help the immune of your rabbit. The right immune will protect them by any disease.
  • Decrease the cholesterol. Same as sweet potato, corn also helps to decrease the cholesterol inside your rabbit’s blood and keep it normally.
  • Positive side for female rabbit. For female rabbit which still breast-fasting their baby, sweet corn help to increase the milk production to fulfill food for their baby. Also, corn help to guarantee the milk’s quality.
  • Decrease the disease attacked. Some diseases like cancer and heart problems.
  • Increase their bone power. The mineral contained inside corn also helps to increase the bone power of rabbit. As we know rabbit loves to jump, so to higher their jump they need more supply energy, right?

That’s all about some dangers of giving corn to your rabbit. The danger caused by corn usually attack digestion system by rabbit. Actually corn isn’t become danger if you can manage the time when you have to give it or not. The more you understand the right time, the more you help your rabbit stay healthy.