2 Easy Ways to Care for Mother Hamster With Its Babies

You probably think when your hamster become a mother and has babies you will have a hard time to take care of them. As you will take care of more hamster and that apart from the mother you will take care of the babies. It would be okay to think that way if it’s your first time to take care of hamster and her babies. But you have to know it actually not that hard to take care of them. Hamster as a pet in general is a pet that easy to take care. It has babies will not making much of a different either. If anything, I would say the different would only be the supplies you had to prepare and the cage. Other than that, there is not much that are going to change once your hamster has babies.

But if you are already having an experience with your hamster having babies and take care of them, you must be already know what to do. But it wouldn’t be a crime to learn more and more about it through this article. There is also probably some hamster owner that already had experience in this but still feel like it’s complicated to take care of many hamster/mother hamster and the babies, well then you read the right article. Because here I will tell you the easy way you can take care of them. So, here are 2 easy ways to take care for mother hamster with it’s babies.

1. Easy way to take care of the cage

When you choose and decide to have a pet of course the very first thing you had to think about is where they’re going to live. It will surely inside your house. But almost every animal will need a place to rest, even when you planning to let them running around the whole house. They will still need their own place much like human. So, before you decide to have a pet please think about this carefully. Why I brought this topic up? It’s because this is one of the 2 easy ways to take care for mother hamster with its babies.

When your hamster has babies, you need to prepare the cage, the place they stay, as good as possible. Don’t worry, this will still be easy, since it’s what this article is about. But I have to tell you even though this going to be easy doesn’t mean you can be careless about it. Especially if the hamster babies are still very small/just being born. You need to do everything carefully and quietly.

I’m sure you already separate the mother hamster from another hamster, so we will skip that part. The next thing is you have to do is to make the cage environment to be as comfortable as possible for the mother and the babies. It’s very easy to do that. All you have to do is provide your hamster with a good and safe bedding materials. It could be paper based bedding or aspen shavings or any other good and safe bedding materials. All you need to do is put these materials in the cage. After that let the hamster use these materials for herself and her babies. Don’t forget, you also need to put the cage somewhere that is quiet and pretty dark so your hamster and the babies feel more comfortable.

You probably thinking you already know about all this. But the reason I put about this here is because this is one of easy way to take care of hamster, yet some probably not giving enough attention to it. If you want to take a good care of your hamster and its babies then you have to start with the cage. Because you won’t be able to interact directly with the mother hamster and the babies. So, you have to leave them alone in the cage. But at the same time, you also need to take care of them. The easy way to do that is by put more attention on what you have to do with the cage as I mention above. But the other thing you have to also remember is that you have to do everything quietly whenever you do something or put something in their cage.

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2. Easy way to take care of the food

Now we are going to talk about food. Everybody needs food, right? That including your hamster and her babies. But before you imagine how hard it would be to feed a baby hamster, don’t worry, you don’t have to do that. Most of the time the mother will take care and feed the babies on her own. But in some cases, the mother can’t or won’t do that. If that the case then please talk to your vet on how you should take care and feed the babies. As you need professional guide for this matter for the best result.

Try to prepare and provide a lot of food for your hamster. If there is plenty of food your hamster will feel secure and probably will have no stress. This is will good for the babies too. Because if the mother feels that comfortable then she will take a good care of her babies. Leave you nothing to worry about. This is very easy because all you need to do is provide them the food. No need to do anything else. You also can leave it to the mother to feed these foods to the babies.

Mother hamster will need extra protein. To give her this you can feed her cooked unseasoned chicken or beef, boiled egg, or vegetables/fruits that are rich in vitamin A and E (cut these foods in small pieces). During this time, you can also give mother hamster sunflower seed as much as she can eat. If your hamster just had babies and still nursing them it’s okay for the restriction on sunflower seed to be lifted. But even though like that you should still watch your hamster food and keep the balance.

As for the babies you can help the mother to feed them. You can include wheat germ cereal and small seeds such as millet in the food container. You can also sprinkle a little of it close to the nest. But you need to be very careful in doing that. Don’t make the mother feel scared for the babies when you do that. If you’re not so sure you can do it without disturb the mother then I suggest you just put it in food container instead. The mother will surely give some for the babies.

Those are 2 easy ways to take care for mother hamster with its babies. It’s the basic things you had to know to be able to take a good care of them. If you’re doing all these easy ways then your hamster and her babies will sure be in a good condition.