10 Easy Ways To Tame A Fearful Rabbit

Some bunnies are brave, one of them we could find fearful ones. However, to tame a fearful rabbit is not easy. It needs patience and time. So, if you want to tame a fearful rabbit. See the following below here, 10 easy ways to tame a fearful rabbit.

1. Prepare everything

Do prepare anything that you need before you bring your lovely rabbit to come home. You should have a cage ( a bigger one), place some dried grass, straw or sand as their bedding. Then, place a water bottle and their bowl for their feeding. Stock two or three different kinds of their diet for stock. Make sure their diet is fresh food. Do not ever feed them with fermented food. If you did this, they will get a gas pain, so how to help your rabbit with gas pain?

2. Take your rabbit in the cage

All of their supplies are in stock. So, it’s time to bring your rabbit in her cage. You can take your rabbit by holding her. Make sure you hold her gently but strong. Well, if your bunny is afraid. You can hold her with a towel, this way makes her more comfortable. When a rabbit covered with a blanket she or he feels that could make them calm and warm like stay in a hole. However, there are some tips on how to keep a rabbit warm during winter time. Make sure the temperature is right for your bunny. Use a heater if it is necessary.

3. Give them more time

Next on the easy ways to tame a fearful rabbit, give them more time to adapt to their environment. What should you do next is just wait and keep watching on your rabbit. By time flies, your bunny will be familiar with the new environment. How to make the progress fast? Well, you could try this. Give your rabbit a name, choose the fluffy name ones such as Bowie or Wooly. She or he will like this name. While you feed them, try to say like this; “Here, your lunch Wooly.” Time by time your rabbit will know that she or he has a name.

4. Try to rub her hair

Well, day by day has been flown. It’s the right time to hold your fearful rabbit. So, what are the easy ways to tame a fearful rabbit? first, before you try to rub her hair, do clean your hands with non-perfume soap. After that, pick a food that she most loves; such as baby carrot. Open the cage, and try to treat her with your baby carrot. Wait, and see will she come to you? If she responds you well, let she eat her food.  After this, you could rub her hair, do it with gently.

5. Feed them within your hand

Feed them with your hands, do this repeatedly at less two times a day. This method will help the rabbit develop his confidence. This may take a little time, so you have to be patient. Give your rabbit time, it’s about 5 to 10 minutes for her to approach you. If indeed this method doesn’t work, you don’t need to be disappointed. You can try again tomorrow. Spend a little time to training the rabbit so she will become brave like each other.

6. Your bunny feel safe

Let’s see, you have been trained her so far. How is the progress? Is your rabbit still afraid? Then, let’s do the other easy ways to tame a fearful rabbit. Talk to your rabbit softly every day, talking softly could make the rabbit understand, whatever you want. Sometimes your rabbit wants to try to tell something to you, how? Here
the several things your new rabbit is trying to tell you that you should know. Learn it and do it.

7. Hold her gently

Before you hold her, you should do clean your hands first and dried it well. Do this, open her cage, speaking lovely her names. While she looks at you feeding her with her favorite food. Then, while she approaches you and she eats her food. After she is finished, hold her tight but gently. How to hold your bunny properly? Hold the rabbit’s stomach then lift it up, position the rabbit on your shoulders and hold the rabbit with both hands. If the rabbit looks nervous, you can hold your rabbit with a towel or cardboard box.

8. Let she plays around your house

The previous ways, now you can hold your rabbit freely. The next step is why don’t let her plays around your house? To improve her courage, put her at the floor. Let her explore entire your home. Just keep watching your rabbit at your sight. Make sure your cat or dog is away from your rabbit. So, keep your dog or cat in their cage. Do this way to keep your rabbit safe from any predators. Otherwise,  do not let your cable just messy away. The rabbit may eat the cable.

9. Make a hiding place

Let’s see how is your rabbit while she explores your house? Is she still fears about the house? Prepare some cardboard box or box. You can paint or make it looks like a tiny house for her hiding place. Put several boxes on the spots that always allow by your rabbit. When she fears, she will enter the cardboard box. So, what are things that make our bunny fears? Loud sounds, children, and more for more information you can see it on the important facts of rabbits before you decide to pet them, so learn here first.

10. Take your time with your bunny

Finally, the easy ways to tame a fearful bunny. Could we play with our rabbit? Sure, if you are done to train her becomes brave. You could play with your bunny. How? Let’s do this, you lay on the floor at some minutes, let your bunny sniffing you in your hands, cheeks, foot, fingers even your hairs. Keep in silence and calm when your rabbit sniffing on you. Well, with these easy ways your bunny is not feared with you again. Take your time with your bunny at less 30 minutes. Do this every day and every time where you are free. Are there any fun things to do with your rabbit in the house? Yes, absolutely, you could build an indoor playground for your rabbit.

Hopefully, the 10 easy ways to tame a fearful rabbit could help you, after this, you could try how to tame your fearful rabbit with above easy ways. It is simple, just know what are make your rabbit be fear, and you keep it out then. Good luck.