3 Unique facts about Red Deer when Giving Birth

Giving birth is the process that every female creatures on earth would experience. For pets, you need to how to help them even if you alone at home. The afterward affect was also experienced by some pets animals – most of the time it’s associated with animals’ changed behaviors and each individual is different. What would experience by rabbit after giving birth different than what would experience after dog giving birth. Some would exhibit normal and temporary changed, but in rare cases it leads to dangerous behaviors such as avoid the babies.

Recognize the symptoms earlier would help you pet to get immediate treatment. However, what would happen to wild animals which giving birth among the wild nature? How the process would go? Today, we would invite you to learn the process of one wild animal called red deer. Dear was a calm and docile species; for these behaviors many ancient people referred deer as the guard of the forest and other ancient belief. How deer live their life attract many people because this animal was pretty invisible and mysterious.

There are famous types of deer in the nature, for the examples are Bawean deer, Sambar deer, Timor deer, Mule deer, Axis deer, Sika deer, Caribou which famously known as the reindeer, beautiful elk, and the species we would share as our main topic: the red deer and many others. The beauty and elegant appearances of deer make this species was seen as sacred animals. So, don’t you want to know about red deer’ giving birth process; because apparently this species has unique facts that surrounding their birth process.

These facts would make us learn things deeper about how red deer life cycle in the wild nature. So, aren’t you curious, my dear friends? Therefore, without further do, here are 3 unique facts about red deer when giving birth!

1. Reproductive Seasonal

Reproductive seasonal was one of the thing of deer that make this creature special. This breeding method need certain time or season, for the reason of this, every animals that done this method was called as seasonal breeders, included deer. So, yes, deer is not the only animal that exhibit this particular reproductive method.

Every early fall during the breeding season, the male deer would exhibit the “rut” behavior. Reproductive seasonal was executed differently on each species of deer. It is reviled that breeding timing process in deer influenced to the survival of the young deer.

2. The Seasonality was Different between Male and Female

But first, let’s know what seasonality is; so, the seasonality is the seasonal changes of temperature, for the examples are: the length of the day and rainfall. All these factors contribute to the reproductive seasonal that exhibited in deer. You need to understand, that in such extreme seasonal’ climate changes are often fell to the worst: this situation influenced to the length of day which is the main important cue for the breeding season.

Generally, deer often gave the best responses to short-day lightning; based on this fact, we could make conclusion that deer was avoided to breed in the middle of summer months. They exhibited estrous behavior especially during late September and October. For your note, a deer hit his puberty approximately about six-teen months old then begin to exhibited the seasonal polyestrous. Both of sexes was exhibited different seasonality:

  • Males: “rut” is the term used for breed season in deer. Some younger or weaker bucks apparently come to rut in December, although the normal rut usually occurred in October. Some important factors are influenced to the breed process such as pH, volume, and fraction of testosterone during the mating.
  • Females: apparently, the female deer exhibited shorter day of breed. Therefore, normally you would found the females would start the rut on October to December which come into estrus during the fall.

3. The Males did not Attract the Females by their Antlers

The last fact of 3 unique facts about red deer when giving birth is that the males of reed deer apparently did not used their antlers to attract female deer which is a normal behavior of other deer’ species. Rather than attract females with their antlers, the males use the roar to attract the females. The female in this case has the capability to differentiate the roars and most of the time these females chose the ones that have lower roar.

If you ask why the lower ones? Apparently, in red deer, the males that able to produce lower roar are the ones that have larger body size. The body size would demonstrate a good health and strength of the males.