How Long can You Leave a Cat Alone during Vacation?

Have you have seen all those famous ornaments in Christmas already displayed around you? Christmas had been one of the biggest holiday of the year. A lot of people would never miss the opportunity to spend a good quality time with their beloved family, and one of the most popular option is go on vacation. Who doesn’t like vacation? The time for refresh our mind and soul from all the stress and burden of our work – everyone love it!

Now, a vacation would be a hard decision if you have pet in your house, such as dog, cat, rabbit, or others. The thoughts of worries consume us from the first step, included: where to leave your dog, will dog feel abandoned by your decision or leaving him alone, will dog miss you, and what will dogs do when they miss you? Of course, these kinds of thoughts was only the examples, because everybody have different pets. The thing is, you could prepare pet dog before you go on holiday, but what if you own a pet cat?

We all know that cats are selfish and doesn’t care about anything else outside their own world, of course, it would be a little complicated for us prepare our cat before we go. Yes, our naughty pet would stick in our mind wherever we go. So, how is the rule for leave your cat for vacation? How long can you leave a cat alone during vacation? Let’s learn the best way to leave your cat for a vacation!

Leaving your Cat for a Vacation

How long can you leave a cat alone during vacation, does cat love to be alone? As I mentioned previously, cat appeared to be a selfish animal which looks like never notice your presence even you are near her. This fact perhaps created our mindset that cat might love to be alone, but there’s a fact you would never imagine before about cats’ sensitivity of people around them. If you think that your absence would not impact to your pet cat, I have to say that you are wrong, my dear friends!

As you notice your cat around you, that is how much your cat notice you too. If you have the experience of cat’ owner for long time, it might be easy for you to prepare and set everything up your cat before you go – but, however, it’s totally different case if you leave your cat for a long boarding event such as vacation, work, or even for school. There are things need to consider due your long travel trip – of course, we all know that cats are very independent animals, and literally, they could take a good care of themselves, but, not in litter-box case, folks.

Yes, this is one of the thing you need to consider before you leaving. The longer you plan to go the more you need well planning about your pet cat daily routine without you. One thing you must remember, your cat well-being and safety must be your number one. Apparently, cat would not absolute loner, she like to be around people or at least other cat. Like a dog, a cat could suffer from separation anxiety; some cat’ breeds was known to exhibited dog-like behavior about the separation.

They exhibited several signs of separation anxiety even when you leave them for few hours. For the examples of cat’ breeds that can’t cope very well to alone time are Sphynx, Ragdoll, Scottish Fold, and Birman. The separation anxiety would lead to several behaviors such as excessive crying, destructive behavior, and even effusive return greeting when the owner back. So, how long you could leave your cat? There’s no certain answer for this particular question.

There so many cases that cat’s owners would leave their pet even for a whole weekend; the thing that would guarantee your cat is all the preparation that plan before you go. It would always be recommended bringing another companion to your cat (another cat) to prevent you cat from the loneliness. Therefore, actually, many people would prefer to bring their cat to home boarding than leave them alone at house.

In home boarding, you don’t have to worry about anything because everything your cat needs was available. Another perfect option is to entrust your cat to family member or friends. Well, however, every decision was back to you!