Why 2 turtle doves become famous ornaments in christmas tree?

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Whenever you see a Christmas tree, some of you might already see a couple of European turtle doves on the Christmas tree. 2 turtle European dove is distinguished as symbols of loves, harmony and one of the most iconic Christmas animal. In Christmas tree, many people hang decorations of small couple turtle doves in their Christmas tree. Also, do you know the popular movies Home Alone? Especially the serial of Home Alone 2? Well this movie is always being played on Christmas and becoming pretty popular when Christmas. During Home Alone 2, it is mentioned the Protagonist “Kevin Mc Callister” being given a decoration of 2 turtle doves and then explained that it is the symbols of loves, and everlasting friendship. There is a reason why 2 turtle European doves are symbols of love and everlasting friendship. Why 2 turtle doves become famous ornaments in christmas tree? And the history behind it?

The reason behind 2 European turtle dove Christmas becoming popular decorations on Christmas

The European turtle dove is often considered as a symbol of loves and harmony. But what is turtle dove? A turtle dove is actually a migratory bird species that can be found mostly in Europe, certain part of Middle East, North Africa and rarely sighted in Northern Europe and Southern Africa. The turtle dove is smaller compared to any other doves. It will only reach at least 24 to 30 cm in length and 50 cm wingspan. They have brownish colored feather with white underneath it. Nowadays, Turtle dove is actually considered as endangered and even considered to be included in red list conservations. Probably because of the change of faming technique that made their feeds scarcer and the over hunting in Mediterranean countries, now European turtle dove face an endangered status of species.

  • The reason behind turtle dove is popular during Christmas

As for why this small bird becoming a symbol of loyalty and everlasting loves, it is mostly because of the Biblical references. In the verse of 2:12, The song of Songs, this bird is mentioned. This bird is also have quite a mournful voice which adds a melancholy feeling of this bird. Also, did we mention to you that this bird is actually a very loyal bird and can form a strong pair bonds between its male and female. The male and female will only mate with one pair and if one of the pair is dead, the other will show the sign of mourning and can even be stressed to death. It is also published in numerous songs and poems in every European cultures and traditions. This dove is also becoming a subject of poem for the famous poets, William Shakespeare’s poem. In his poem, called “The Phoenix and the turtle” the turtle here actually refers to the European turtle dove.

  • 2 Turtle dove as a Christmas decorations

Nowadays, in many European culture and  traditions, during Christmas many people will hang an ornamented pair of turtle dove in their Christmas tree. This to represent the loves, harmony and friendship. That’s the answer of Why 2 turtle doves become famous ornaments in christmas tree? If you are looking for more interesting Christmas animal related article, then look no further here in our website then.