Will Dog Feel Abandoned if You Leave Him on Holiday too Long?

A Christmas tree had been displayed in the stores, ornaments such as reindeer, robins, doves, candies with red and white cover plastic sell in every place; then, yes, you are in the most anticipated season of the year, the Christmas! The whole world was celebrated it, and of course you must know that there are famous Christmas animals around the world that always associated with this special holiday. Such as Robin which became a symbol of Christmas.

Besides all the joy of celebrating, this season also the perfect time for you and your family to have a little bounding time together and release all the stress that have been encumbered us. Yes, life could be stressful and this is one of the best moment for everyone to lay back and be relax. One of the most popular option to relax during Christmas was vacation time! Everyone loves vacation; imagining all the fun that we would get, I think no one could resist it. But, the thing is vacation could be really hard decision if you have dog pet.

Where to leave dog when you go on holiday? This is the first question of the owners of dogs. The worries of what might happen to our beloved dog, did he eat a healthy food, did he get sick and many other things would come across our mind. Of course, I believed you already entrust your precious one to the right person, but, hey what can you do? That is just a normal fear as the owner. Not to mention, will dog miss you while you go vacation on your own?

There’s a research reviled that dog that not see his owner in particular period of time would develop emotion changes such as anxious and stress. According to this research, we can pull another question about dog’ emotion state: will dog feel abandoned of you leave him on holiday too long? It’s an interesting question, isn’t? Let’s find out the answer on the article today!

Dog’s Emotion when He Leaves Alone

Dog has emotions just like what people had; they able to feel grief, heart-broken, and even abandonment. That is precisely indeed like Hachiko, the story of a loyal dog waiting for his precious owner came back. Yes, dogs are one of the most emotional animal possibly live on this planet. As dogs’ owners, you should understand how your dog might be feeling in everything that you are doing (everything that related to your dog, of course).

Therefore, it’s always a big matter for us who own dog to leave our pet alone in such a long period of time. All kind of guilty would automatically fill our hearts and yes, that isn’t feel good at all. We worry what would our dog feel while we are presence with them: will dog feel abandoned if you leave him on holiday too long? Would he be okay without you? Folks, this is normal. You feel this because you have a strong bond with your beloved dog, just as the same as your dog have to you.

Feeling of the abandonment might be happened; a study had been discovered about the increment of stress level of dog that is being left alone by their owners. The stress level not only influenced dogs in emotional way, but also their physical health. It impacted to dogs’ respiratory function and also effected to heart rate changes. Of course, when stress hit your dog, it would release a stress hormones which impacted badly in your dog such as cortisol hormones.

Every type of isolation that is produce the emotion of being left alone would always be difficult for dog to understand, because they were natural socialize creatures. In each individual of dog had reacted to the stress level in different ways; some of the able to cope the situation after a while, but some of them the level of stress able to last till for the whole time until their owners are back.

Therefore, folks, it is always suggested for you to prepare your dog mentally and physically before you leave them alone for a while. Welled-preparation give your dog the ability to cope with the circumstances that occurred during your absence.