What will Dogs do when They Miss the Owners so Much

Christmas is coming, the biggest holiday of the year would be celebrate by people all over the world. You will see the Christmas tree and other famous ornaments was displayed in stores and churches. As your note, actually there are other famous Christmas animals around the world that always associated with this particular season such as reindeer, goats, roosters, and robins.

Yes, this particular season was celebrated with joyfully not because it’s was a belief of some people, but this season was the perfect time to get refresh and get off from all the crowded city light and stressful job. This is the perfect time to spend good quality time with your family and many people chose to go vacation to spend the whole holiday.

But, apparently a problem would come for all the owners of animals, included dog. It’s so hard decision to leave your dog alone while you enjoy your own vacation. Every thought about your dog would come and haunted you as long as the vacation goes. Some thought such as will dog feel abandoned if you leave him for vacation, will dog miss you all the time during your absence? Yes, this is always a hard decision to make; but, hey, at some point you should make your dog use to the absence of yours.

Actually, there are ways to prepare your pet dog before you go on vacation. The difficulty of leaving your dog occurred due the strong bond between the two of you. Your dog is not just a pet, he is your family member, that’s why it’s so difficult for you to leave him alone. The first preparation you need to consider is where to leave dog when you are gone; then, other subject of consideration would be follow.

But, we already discuss it in other article, but now, we would try to understand what actually happen to dog during the absence of their owners. What would dogs do when they miss the owners so much? What would possibly they capable to do if they feel this urge of emotion take control over them. Therefore, stay with us, my dear friends!

Your Dog would watch the Front Door while You Leave

No matter where you choose to leave your dog, neither it’s a pet sitting or your family or your friend’ house, or you prefer to hire a caretaker to watch over your beloved pet, the first sign that your dog would absolutely miss you is they would watch the front door and watch you until you are gone. Their eyes would stick with you until they can’t see you anymore. This is such a sweet thing isn’t? Yes it is.

They, somehow know that they would not able to see in a while and the urge of emotion would flow to them. If this behavior is occurred, then you could understand that this is how your dog tell you that he would absolutely miss you.

Chewing and Cuddle your Belongings while you are Gone

Another behavior that often occurred to dogs that miss they owners so much is chewing or cuddling owners’ belongings. Of course, you might don’t see it with your own eyes, but perhaps you could get the information from people who watch over your beloved dog. So, why dogs need to chew or cuddling your belongings if they miss you?

Well, this is actually the same with people; sometime, when we really miss someone that we were close to, we automatically search belongings or things that related to them. This way of thinking was also occurred to your dog. However, the plus side is dog has a really strong sense of smell; while cuddling or chewing your belongings they could smell your scent from those things. So, yeah, at least they were able to treat the longing of you.

Super Excited Once you Come Home

Out last sign of what will dogs do when they miss the owners so much is the reaction they would have while you are back home. They would absolutely freak out and super excited once you come home; the moment they see your face would be most the happiest time of their lives! You might see this particular behavior on YouTube,

However, if this also happen to your dog, congratulation, my dear friends, that is a sign that your beloved dog love you so much!