What You should Prepare for Your Pet Dog before You Go on Holiday without Him

A happy day of Christmas will come soon, people; all the lights from the Christmas tree, all kinds of ornaments was displayed on stores such as reindeer, Santa Clause, bells, and many others. This holiday was celebrated over the world with different tradition and culture. However, the most popular icon of Christmas not only held by uncle Santa, there are other famous Christmas animals around the world. For the example is robin. Robin became a symbol of Christmas in a long time, followed by other animals such as goat, rooster, and reindeer.

Furthermore, the season of holiday was the perfect time to spend the quality time with your beloved family. The opportunity was used often to arrange a vacation to refresh our mind. But, the thing, this become one a big problem if you have dog pet in your house. There’s a lot of people that claimed had guilty whenever they will go on vacation alone and leave their dogs alone. All kinds of thoughts such as where to leave the dog, will dog miss you or will dog feel abandoned in your absence, did they eat properly, and others haunted so many dogs’ owners out there.

Therefore, a well preparation must have been done to make sure your dog and you are ready to separate for a while. The preparation would help your dog to be calmer during your absence and able to wait until you come back and bring him home again. There are several things as the subjects of consideration before you leave your dog for a long vacation, my dear friends. Let’s learn it together now in this article: what you should prepare for your pet dog before you go on holiday without him.

The Place to Entrust Your Pet Dog

What you should prepare for your pet dog before you go on holiday without him is the right place to entrust your beloved pet dog. These days, many kennels and boarding homes was made to covered owners’ need of take care of their beloved pets (not only dog) while they go on board. Of course, it sounds easy: you just need to bring your dog in the place and the rest would be taken care by the professional.

But, however, there are certain things you need to consider from your dog point of view. First of all, your dog isn’t quite familiar with the boarding home; every single people and environmental is totally different. These differences trigger anxiety for most of the dogs. Therefore, it would be so much better to hire someone or ask for help people that you trust or recognized by your dog. At least, your dog still able to stay in his own house. If you choose this way, don’t forget to tell the caretaker all the routines, dog’ necessities, and vet’s contacts in case there’s problem in the future.

Furthermore, there’s one other option that many of people prefer to choose is entrust their dog to family and friends. Yes, this is one another safe option to choose, actually. First, your dog must be familiar and close with them, and the second, we would feel release that our dog have been take care of someone we trust.

Spend Extra Time with Your Beloved Dog

Before you leave him in long period of time, make sure you spend extra time with him first. Your dog is not only a pet, he is your family member too, and most important thing, he would appreciate that both of spend together. You could do an extra walk with him, more snuggle time during the evening, and other fun things!

This is important to remind your dog that you love him and he is loved. Then, ensure your dog that he does enough exercise before you leave. It is believed that expanding dog’s energy would help your dog adjust and more relax to the future changes that would occur.

The Separation Process

Many of you had done the separation process wrong, my dear friends. Always remember, your dog can sense your emotion immediately; so, if you leave them with anxious, scare, and sadness, these emotions would transmit to your beloved ones. Make them more cautious, scare, and uncomfortable. But, if you leave them with piece, calm, and confident, your dogs would absolutely feel the same way because nothing sign of “something wrong” is exhibited.