How to Train Your Cat to Let You Sleep at Night


Hello there fellow cat lovers!. Hope you and your cat will always be healthy and happily ever after. How’s your cat doing today?. Well, let just hope she still continuing to entertain you with her adorable cuteness. What a paradise to have a cat inside our house.

On this occasion, writer wants to tell you about writer’s cat, Memeng. Memeng  has a habit, and writer considered it as an unique habit. In the morning, just like any other cats, she love to meow outside the door (She is not allowed to get inside by writer’s mom) asking for a food, you can imagine the cute meowing in the morning. After writer give her breakfast, sometimes she prefer to lay down a bit, or simply go outside again hunting preys, even pursuing the love of her life, you know cat’s things. In the afternoon, she comes here again for a lunch, then after lunch she just simply fall asleep. I thought it’s just a nap, but in truth she sleep for around 3-5 hours. Then in the evening until the night, she just dissapear, maybe hunting some preys again, or pursuing love of her life. Well, looks like Memeng love to be nocturnal right? As she spend hours sleeping in the afternoon, but goes full hunting mode in the night.

From that story, we could conclude that cat prefer to do activity at night, especially if you rarely play with them. No wonder, they oftenly wake you up because of her night mode, as she probably jump in her and there, chewing her toys, scratching, meowing to the cat outside the house, or simply just bitting your toes. Those things surely will wake you up every night. Alas, you might suffer from lack of sleep syndrom.

If you are having problem to sleep at night because your cat has been waking you up all night, then you have come to the right article. As animallova would give you a potent tips and tricks on how to train your cat to let you sleep at night. So, check it out!.

  • My Cat Recently Have a Labor

If you have a female cat, then you must be prepared. As from writer’s empiricism that female cat oftenly get pregnant for at least twice each 6 weeks, maybe even more if you let your cat to play outside and have a contact with another cat. Well, animal sex-lust is wild and you could not suppress it naturally. So be prepared, as you might hear meowing meow, meow, meow from a recently born kittens every night inside your house, inside your wardrobe, or even on your attic. In writer’s empiricism, these meowing last for a night everyday!. Yeah, that is quite annoying as it will disturb your sleeping time.

The reason why a recently born kittens love to meow at night is that their mother does not have enough milk spot for them to feed on. They simply meowed because they were hungry, and their brothers and sisters does not want to take turns for the milk. Yeah cat, it is complicated. No wonder, if not taken properly, most of the kittens will die in agony as they did not have enough milk supply, and that explained why Memeng’s mother gave birth to 8 kittens but only last to 3 kittens.

So, if you are having a cat that will give labor, you must be prepared. As you already know the meowing will happen if your cat give births to many kittens, thus there will be kittens that will starve because they could not get enough milk. Then, you must prepare a milk for kitten and a baby bottle. Yeah, it’s true, you are going to feed those kittens yourself. You don’t have any choice as the only thing that will stop those cute kittens to meow is to feed them.

Well, animal sex-lust is wild and you could not suppress it naturally; unless, if you don’t want to let your cat to get pregnant. Then, you must provide financial support, bring your female cat to a vet, and let her be neutered. Poof, you don’t need to worry about your cat will get pregnant ever again and forever.

  • Cat Predator’s Instinct

Writer have told you that, cat is a natural predator. As cat have the power and instinct to hunt and kill a prey such as lizards, cockroaches, rats, even frogs. No wonder, cat could kills dozens of animals each day (still cute though). Hence, cat sometimes bring you a gift on your bed in the morning right?. She loves you and wants you to have a gift from her hunting last night.

With such instinct, no wonder cat love to do so much activites at night such as jumping, chewing, running, meowing, and even biting your toes and scratch it. If you want to make sure she does not goes hunting in the middle of the night, then be prepared as this time you must again provide financial support and buy your cat some toys. You could buy toys that looks like her preys such as mice toys.

After you bought the toys, then remember you must play with her and let her know that she could play with that phony mice. If the mice could also move, she will love it more. She will catch it, and try to chew it so be advised to make sure that the toys was made of rubber so it will be safe for your cat. Also, don’t forget to play with her earlier in the evening so she will get tired to hunt in the night, even you could also give her a nice dinner in the night to help her sleep earlier.

That is all fellow cat lovers!. It is quite easy to let your cat sleep at night so she could not disturb your sleeping time. Remember, love your cat always. Good  luck!.

*Meow away