How to Clean Cat’s Urine On Your Bed


Hello there fellow cat lovers!. Hope you and your cat will always be healthy and happy forever and ever. How’s your cat?. Hope she’s doing well, still kicking around, jumping from there to here, and protecting your smile and your mood everyday. How grateful it is to have cat around the house. Cat, is one of the best animals that could cheer us up after such disastrous day at the office or school. Got problems? Just go home pet your cat, and play with her, thus poof! You could relieve your stress with such an easy but fun tricks!. Yes, having a cat.

There are many research that could prove that having a cat could be a great method to relieve your stress. Just simply petting her is enough for you to relieve all of your stress in a day. Even, just watching her eating is enough to relieve your stress. Also, if you think all of that is not enough then you could try hugging her, and pet her on the head. Easy and fun to do right?.

However, sometimes cat could be a trouble too, especially if you did not train them to pee in an apporiate place. If you find out that your cat has peed on your bed then it is natural, it does not mean she wants to disrespect you, but she wants to tell you and any other cats that “This bed is my territory, anyone who dares to come here shall face me!.” No wonder, your cat could pee to every corner of your house. Hence, you could smell the foul odor of your cat’s urine everywhere inside your house. Yes it is annoying, especially if your cat peed on your bed. As you know, it is hard for you to know that your cat has peed recently, as a recently cat’s pee could not be easily detected, it will wait for a moment to become smelly (because of decomposition of the bacteria). Imagine if you unaware of that pee on your bed, and you just simply sleep on it, you could imagine all of that bacteria from that pee immigrating on your face, yeah it is indeed disgusting.  You will never know until the smells start infecting your bedroom’s air, and at that moment you will scream in disgust.

Which is why, today animallova would give you an easy tips and tricks on how to detecting cat’s pee, preventing her to pee on your bed, and how to wash your bed properly clean from that pee stain. So check it out!.

  • Why Cat Does not Want to Pee on Her Litter Box?

If you are finding that your cat does not want to pee on her litter box and prefer to pee even poop on your bed. Then, you might want to train her a bit. As your cat might not considered her litter box as her territory yet. So, why you don’t show her where is her new territory is. It will make her recoginze her litter box, get comfortable with it, then you could expect her to pee on her litter box later on.

But, if you find someday she does not want to pee on her litter box anymore, then probably another cat has peed on her litter box. Cat does not like it when another cat invaded their territory by peeing on it, which is why she will hate it, and want to stay out of there. So, to so solve this situation you must change the sand on her litter box, and make sure there will be no cat who dare to invade her territory ever again.

  • How to Prevent Cat to Pee on Your Bed

If you don’t want your cat to pee on your bed, then don’t ever dare to bring your cat on your bed. As if she get comfortable with your bed, she will soon mark your bed as her territory ; thus, she will decide to pee on your bed. If you already had bring your cat on your bed, then it is time for you to buy cat’s bed, and teach her to sleep on it. You know, sleeping with your cat is not healthy, and you will have a greater chance to sleep with a bed cover that has a pee stain on it.

  • What if, The Cat Already Peed On Your Bed?

If you are afraid that your cat has peed on you bed, but you could not detect any pee stain (it’s normal). Then, try to teach your cat to not sleep on your bed again, or play on it again.  You could try by giving your cat a new bed, and train her to sleep on it.

But, if you already detected your cat has peed on your bed, then the first thing you must to do is simply wash your bed cover and your blanket. For your bed, then you must bring your entire bed into the outside of your house to dry it out then clean it with brush and special soap for urine. Well if you dont’ want to spend so much effort on cleaning it, and you considered it to be burdensome; then, you could try to buy a spray for cat urine. However, be warry though, as spray for cat urine could be expensive, so you better prepared some cash for it.

Well, that is all fellow cat lovers!. It is quite easy in truth to clean up your cat urine, you could use the old conventional way to clean up the stains, or simply, buy a spray for cat urine and let the spray do the work. However, it is better for you to prevent your cat to pee on your bed. Make sure your cat does not play oftenly on your bed or even sleep on it. Yeah, we do love our pet, but we could not love them if we got sick because of their pee  right? Remember, prevention is better than treatment, and love cat always. Good luck!.

*Meow away