How You Prepare Cat Emotionally before You Travel Without her?

Entering a long holiday was everyone dream. Yes, after all those hard works that we have been through every single day, it was a pleasant thing to know we would enter one of the biggest celebration of the year, the Christmas. I believed many of you people already planned a wonderful vacation with your family. A long holiday was the perfect time to spend your time with your beloved family.

Of course, the plan would not only cover all the activities schedule on your vacation destination, but the plan must cover all your pet’ necessities. Well, because you can’t just leave your pet without any further plan, aren’t you? Leaving pet alone would trigger an anxiety not only for the pet, but also for the owner. All sort of thoughts such as will dog feel abandoned, will dog miss you, what will dogs do when they miss you, and many other negative thought can’t be stop from intruding our mind.

What can I say? That is a normal thing, for sure which I believed occurred to all pets’ owners out there. However, there’s a way to calm down your nerve and make you a little calmer; before you go, make sure you have done preparation for your pet to adjust with the absence of yours. One of the most important preparation is decided where to leave dog or other pets while you go on vacation. Of course, besides this there’s a lot other things to consider due the welfare of your animals before you are decided to leave them for couple of days.

Therefore, today, my dear friends, we would try to learn how you prepare cat emotionally before you travel without her. Cats might appeared as a very independent and ignorant, but, surprisingly, cat was not a total loner like what most of the people think. Some breeds even exhibited dog-alike behavior due this particular side; you need to understand how long can you leave your cat alone, and what necessities you must fulfill during your absence. That is why, a well preparation would make your cat live in piece till the time you come back from your trip.

Consider Using the Boarding Facility

First thing first, how you prepare cat emotionally before you travel without her is to choose the right place to entrust them. Boarding facility was the most popular choices of many cats’ owners. The easiness was the point you get from boarding home; there’s boarding home that take specialization on cats, so, you don’t need to worry that your cat would be accompany by her “natural enemies”.

Boarding school would fulfill all the needs of your beloved cat, plus, your cat would never be alone as long as your absence. There would be always people that would look after your cat, feed her, and make sure she is in the cleanest state.

Scoop her Litter-box

No matter where you put your cat at the end, make sure that your cat litter-box clean is a must. Trust me, my dear friends, you wouldn’t like the result of unclean litter-box. As you know, casts were very clean animals, they love to be clean all the time and they would never doubt to tell that their litter-box need to be clean. One of the most often sign exhibited by your cat: she would intentionally choose out of the box spot and do her business there.

Of course, it’s part of annoying thing as cat’ owners, but it is what it is, right? This thing apparently not only annoyed us, but also your cat; and if this keep happening, I’m absolutely sure your cat would channel her frustration to every clean area in your house. That would be disaster for sure. Therefore, if you decided to keep them home during your absence, you should hire caretaker to solve this particular problem. But, if you entrust her to home boarding, this issue won’t be a problem.

Distraction of your Absence

Your cat probably would notice your absence, therefore, you need proper things to distract them from it. For the examples are another companion and toys. Routine stimulation deplete your cat’ time, so as long she surround with the things that excite her, you don’t have to worry about anything, folks.

So, those are some preparation methods that would help your cat welfare while you’re go on holiday or a long trip. Good luck, people!