3 Interesting Facts of Yeasts in Bees Nectar

Bees are one of the most interesting, trivial yet so important insect for environment. Everyone knows that bees produce a tasty honey, which are tasty condiment that many people loves and crave for it every day. Nowadays, honey production becoming quite a huge business and many people all around the world are competing to create the best honey and the most profitable honey. Many people don’t know that when producing honey, there are many factors that could help. One factors that could help honey production is a yeast. Yeast is a tiny fungus organism that sometimes used as cooking ingredients for bread and other condiment. For your information, there is a link between yeast and honey production as we will explain it to you today.

Researcher from UK have stated after years of research, that yeast that contained inside nectar of certain flowers can help to increase productivity of bees, stimulating the growth of bees colonies and overall creating a better honey for the bees. Many honey farmer didn’t even know about this and didn’t consider that yeast can even increasing the productivity of bees. If you are interested about it, then today we have an article related about yeast and bees. here are 3 Interesting Facts of Yeasts in Bees Nectar

Interesting facts of yeast and honey bees

Many researcher have been researching about how to increase productivity of honey bees and overall how to create more resilient and healthy bees. Not just for the sake of honey farming, but also for the sake of environment since bees are one of the most important insect for environment.

Yeast is a micro fungus that sometimes added by human for cooking purpose, and fermentation. However, yeast also have other purpose and function other than fermenting goods. Yeast is found in all sort of things and even flower nectar may sometimes contain yeast. Yeast in flower nectar will digest sugar and turn it into other nutrients one of it is amino acid, an essential protein. This is important fact that can affecting bees when they digest yeast inside the nectar.

Here is what scientist have found, In fact yeast can increase bees productivity, yeast in nectar that honey bees gather can increase the health of bees and overall boosting the quality of honey produced. These facts are backed up by many evidence and many scientist have proved it. Here are some interesting facts about yeast related with honey bees.

  • Yeast in nectar could increase bees health and productivity

Just like we mentioned earlier, yeast inside nectar will turn sugar component of nectar into amino acid, a useful protein that can promote growth in bees and increasing their health. It is observed that when bees consuming flower nectar with yeast, the dead rate of larvae is decreasing, overall growth is increasing and generally creating a healthier bees.

  • Yeast can stimulate the growth of bee colonies

Yeast can be nutritious supplement for bees, as it can increase bees overall health. When bees are healthy and they have healthy larvae, it can stimulate the growth of bee colonies, increasing the success rate of mating, resistance to infections and other disease, and overall increasing the chances of colonies to survive during hibernation. This is good news for honey farmer, as healthier and more resilient bees are very good as a honey production.

  • Overall, yeast can increase health and quality of honey bees

So, in overall, if the flower contain yeast inside the nectar, it can actually prove to be good nutrition for bees. Nectar is a perfect food for bees and bees are evolving to consume nectar and turn it into honey. However, with more changing environment and harsh nature for bees, bee will need more resilient and healthier than ever before. The effect of yeast in the flower nectar could actually making bees more resilient and hardier than before. That’s it on 3 Interesting Facts of Yeasts in Bees Nectar