These Facts will be Happen to Animal if Human do Vegan Diet

Did you ever imagine what would be like if every single person on earth is a vegan? What would happen to all animals out there? This question was very interesting because we all know that human – until these days was strongly depended on livestock. That is also why livestock farm is one of the most progressive business around the world. There are many of animals was raised for meat, for the examples: rabbit meat, lamb meat and goat meat, cattle’ meat, meat of ducks and meat of goat; what kind of meat that doesn’t eat by human?

Even some insects are included to human’ foods! This is how amazing our kin is. We have wide range of taste that be never fulfill; people want to try everything. Even more, often people trespass boundaries that shouldn’t be passed; to fulfill our curiosity we hunt all kind of animals just to taste them. How many animals that now has been facing extinction due this human’ behavior? Dolphins, whales, even Fugu fish – the deadly fish that could poison you if it didn’t perfectly cook.

But – still – people take the risk for temporary satisfaction. In short, we ate something that shouldn’t be ate. Therefore, if one day, people start to wonder what would happen to those animals if all of the human on earth was a vegan? Today, we would try to figure it out together what could potentially happen if this case is become reality. So, these facts will happen to animal if human do vegan diet.

If the Whole World goes Vegan

This case is not absolutely impossible. If, people – all people start to realize their actions and all the effects they bring upon animals, then this case potentially happen. But, if this become reality, it would not change overnight. Why livestock farm was success? This occurred due massive demand on meat. When, the number of vegan people increase the demand of meat would also change. Then, it would change the whole market because all those farmers need to adjust with the changes, of course.

Following by reduce number of meat demand force farmers to inseminate fewer female livestock such as fishes, turkeys, chickens, ducks, rabbits, cattle, pigs, and many more. This means there would be fewer animal that kill, mutilation, harass, suffering, and imprisoned, and this would happen all over the world. Potentially, these facts will happen to animal if human do diet vegan.

The Increment of Animal Population

With the increment of vegan people, that’s means the fields for hunting would getting lowers. Then, you would see more birds, fishes, and it might give a chance for world to heal itself. We aware of people that use chemicals to hunt ocean-dwellers; with no people that interesting to eat fish anymore, then this “poisoning” would stop happen. There would be no more industrial smoke that contribute to global warming, this mean we would have so much healthier air to breathe.

All the forest-dwellers would start to create healthy and safe circle reproduction without worry people would hunt them. Animals’ communities start to go “alive” again. As we know, people contributed for many animals species extinction these days. But, there’s another matter should include to our consideration. If we liberate all those livestock from those farm, then, where would they go? How those animals survive? How to manage a sudden explode of animals’ population at the same time?

Did you want to know the estimate number of livestock around the world? Then, let me share to you; there’s approximately 1.9 billion goats and sheep, 996 million of cows, and 19 billion of chickens, and 980 million of pigs around the world. It the liberation of the animals was the only thing that’s “matter”, what would we do to all these numbers of animals?

Animal Liberation of Exploitation: Lead to what end?

If the demand of animals’ product keep falling down, there’s no reason for these farmers keep these animals anymore. You need to understand farmers breed livestock not only for meat, they also raised them for clothes and other commercial product that you know such as beauty products, cleanliness products (tooth paste, shampoos, etc), medicines, and construction materials. Yes, we would save millions or billions of animal species, but you also need to prepare for a massive decrement of other materials.

Furthermore, organization would stop breed animals which mean you would see a massive bankrupt of zoo which is not only a place for animals’ to sleep, but also a place that accommodate abandoned exotic pet, illegal animals, and wildlife. Those zoos would not able to return all those animals to the nature which the only settlement would end up with abandonment, slaughter, or keep in sanctuaries. You could imagine how big the sanctuaries should be if those animals are place there?

We can’t deny vegan people gradually increase over the time. This is a great and healthy diet habit, of course. But, do it necessary to turn everyone into vegan? All I can say this theory is still debatable, folks.