Is Boarding Facility will Reduce Stress Level on Cat?

It is a good idea to rest and refresh our mind from our routine works; vacation is the best way to relax our body from the tense. Yes, it is a very good idea, but at the same time it’s something that make us think twice if we had a pet. I’m not saying that we can’t have a vacation just because we had a pet, but, the thought of leaving them alone by themselves is something that all animal’ owners won’t able to deny.

So many thoughts would cross our mind such as what would dogs do when they miss you (it’s just an example), and others. Therefore, people, a well-plan must be arrange for your pet dog or cat to prepare cat emotionally before you leave them for a while. How long you can you leave your cat alone is one of the things you should considered, because it would impact your decision about where your cat must stay during your absence. Furthermore, apparently, during the absence of their owner, there are cats’ behaviors done secretly by your cat in her alone time.

This behavior could turn to something destructive (as always) without supervision. Therefore, due to prevent all unexpected things to happen (mostly negative things), many cat persons entrust their cat to boarding home. Is it safe to leave your cat in cat care for a long time? The answer is yes, my dear friends. Of course, there’s people who did not really trust other people to take care of their precious cat, but, people, you need to open your mind to see all the benefits of boarding facility for pets.

Is boarding facility will reduce stress level on cat? You would found the answer down bellows!

Boarding Facility for Cat

Boarding facility become the next popular option chose by cats’ owner besides entrust the cat of family, friends, and hire a personal cat’ caretaker. But, is boarding facility will reduce stress level on cat? For your note, people, separation between cat and the owner triggered stress for the cat, which is included separation anxiety. So, yes, dog is not the only pet animal that could effect this emotional problem.

However, boarding facility for cats are designed to fulfill all the needs of your cat. Almost every boarding facility was hired professional people at their fields to take care of all the cat that had been entrusted. So, yes, you are not the only one that entrust your beloved cat to the facilities. Furthermore, did the facility able to reduce stress level on cat?

The answer is yes. All the separation that occurred impacted to your cat; the stress that cats’ felt was not only caused by the separation, but also because all the unfamiliar environment. The stress still able to reach out for your cat inside the facility due the unfamiliar environment on the inside, but thanks for all those professional people, your cat would be train adjusting with this new environment and over the time, your cat would able to adapt with his surroundings.

There are several methods done to reduce cats’ stress level inside boarding facility – don’t worry, everything is done properly and safety.

Create Familiar Environment

Moving to unfamiliar place would always stress everyone out, included as people. Therefore, the first thing that done to re-create the situation is by created familiar surrounding around your cat. First, people, you could bring something familiar with your cat, such as toys and other things that often used by your cat.

Until your cat able to adapt with boarding facility situation and environment, at least your cat has something with him that not “strange” and able to provide comfort. Yes, familiar things are able to provide comfort for your cat.

Inform the Boarders All they need to know about your Cat

People, do not feel shy to inform all the boarders that would take care of your cat about your cat habitual, routine, and of course their favorite foods and toys. Always communicate your routine with your cat, such as feeding time so that the boarders are able to apply the same pattern with what you have done.

One thing, the stress could also trigger by routine differences between you – the real owner and the boarders. Inform every important things from your cat’ phobia, what he dislikes and likes, allergic perhaps, and other important things.